Summary Saturday

Summary Saturday

Hi, Hey, Hello!

This has been a bit of a hit and miss week to be honest, but that seems to come with the time year. Tiredness, social events, trying to think of Christmas presents and that all too terrifying Secret Santa gift, being social, still trying to keep on top of some kind of exercise regime, work reaching it’s peak in terms of business (as is always the way when it comes to Christmas).

Anyway, I hoping to have a good writing (and reading, fingers crossed) weekend this weekend so that I can basically have all my posts for the year done and ready to go and can focus on other things. Like getting my Christmas presents and cards together in a fairly decent time so I don’t have to panic about it closer to the time.

So, this week on the blog:

7 Minutes

How I Write

The Fresh Start

The Cartoon Character

And that’s been this week, minus one post which just never made it into the ether, but will next week at some point when I get the chance to finish it.

Parentheses count: 3. See you tomorrow (and you actually will this time)!


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