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Hi, Hey, Hello!

It’s my last day at work today! May or may not be a little bit excited about it to be honest. By the time this posts I’ll have half a day left and then IT’S CHRISTMAS!

Today’s post is a little bit reflective and is basically, hopefully, going to answer the question: Why do you blog? (again)

I mean mainly because it’s fun. For the most part. Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s a tad stressful, sometimes it feels like I’m hitting a brick wall with my head very hard and sometimes it seems like the dumbest thing I have ever elected to do. But mostly, it’s fun.

I do it because it’s pretty much my only creative outlet that I have and I need that. I just need  that to clear out my head and get things down onto paper (or a screen in this case) and then just sort of put it to bed in some capacity.

I do it because I like engaging with other bloggers and hearing what they think on things and getting different viewpoints and learning new stuff and shit. It’s good to always be challenging yourself in that sense.

I do it because it’s kind of cool to have a back catalogue of stuff that I have written over the years and yeah sometimes it is super cringe but then I also find it interesting how I my writing has improved and where it has improved (or gotten worse, seriously, the grammar errors sometimes are a tad absurd and somehow overlooked a lot this past year…oops).

I do it because to an extent it kind of keeps me sane. It gives me something to channel my energy into. It helps keep things in check. It’s the sort of safe space that I created for myself and I like knowing that I get to play around with it.

I mean it does create a lot of extra work for myself, but it’s worth it. It does drain me slightly because new content 5 days a week is kind of hard after a while, but then there are moments where I write a post that I am so proud of and it all seems worth it. It is worth it. There are more moments like that than there are moments where I just want to stop it all and never write a post again.

But I don’t, because ultimately I love it. Writing is my solace and it currently hasn’t stopped being that for me yet. I can’t see it ever not being that for me at the moment to be honest. I blog because I’ve mostly always been better at writing things down and that is all this is at the end of the day, just writing things down. Putting words one after the other until the end.

And mostly because it’s fun.

Parentheses count: 2. See you tomorrow!

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2 thoughts on “Another look why

  1. That’s always a fun question to answer as a blogger. It can change after time. I have to agree it’s definitely fun and it’s interesting to watch how we evolve as bloggers over time.

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