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2017 Reading Challenge Book 14 – The Graces

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Coming at you with yet another book review because I finished this yesterday morning and I am still feeling some kind of way about it. I thought I knew where I stood with it and then I got thrown through a total loop.

Anyway, the book in question is this stunner:

2017 Reading Challenge, Book 14, The Graces
2017 Reading Challenge, Book 14, The Graces

The only thing I knew about this book going in was that there was an element of magic to it. I mean the spine literally says ‘everyone said The Graces were witches’ (side note I didn’t notice it said that until I was putting it back in my bag and noticed, stunning little detail that I love). So that was all I knew going in. And oh my gosh, yes there is all the talk about witches but it was so much more than that. So much more. I’m just gonna say it now, I strongly recommend reading this book (also, another gentle reminder, I can’t guarantee that these reviews are spoiler free).

Unlike the last two books I have read where I could kind of plot along with because I knew where things were gonna hit, for the most part this book kept me guessing. By the time i reached the end of Part 1 I did kind of feel like I knew where I stood with it, and yeah there were elements that I definitely did, I had a feeling that River was going to be the only one who really remembered anything, I kind of guessed when it was sort of glossed over that Wolf was in love with Fenrin and that at some point they were all going to be separated for their own good…that’s pretty much it. This book kept surprising me and it made the whole read all the more delicious. The last 25 pages or so were so unexpected that when I finished it on my journey into work yesterday that I was one, mildly annoyed because I feared that I was going to reach my station before I finished the book and two, so confused and perplexed and thoroughly excited about the sequel. I feel like I need to make someone else read this book in my life just so that I can discuss it all with them. The ending was the perfect blend of cliffhanger and fulfilling. But mainly cliffhanger…

The Graces themselves were so intriguing to me. I felt the way that River felt about them all. Eve did a really great job of building the mystery around them. The only one that I felt I had a true understanding of, but then still not really, was Summer and that is only because that was the one that River spent the most time with. There is just so much scope to find out more about these characters and I love that. They remain fascinating and I am interested to see where they go, especially now that there is the element of Wolf and all that entails. Speaking of which Wolf as a character is super interesting to me, mainly because of what is to come for him. He was huge figure of mystery in this book, but also crucial…I guess it makes sense because of the perspective the story is told as but River’s mother seemed very two dimensional, as did Esther and Gwydion, I know they’re not the focal point of the story, but in something that felt so rich and full and fucking great, those characters just fell a bit flat and it was a slight disappointment.

River herself was just the kind of complex protagonist that I craved it turned out. I really want to know what her actual name was, although I also really like that as a reader you currently don’t know that and I guess nor does it look like it will ever be relevant. Her arc was kind of a slow burn and it was the main driving force for keeping me interested. The hints of things that were drip fed to the reader as the story progressed that then all came to a head as the book reached its climax was just so completely perfect. She was the perfect counterpart to the Graces and yet also was somehow the antithesis of them. She was so layered and complicated and the River that was established by the end was so not even the second or third layer of her character and I am so excited to see that get peeled back/explored further in subsequent books. I feel like given a couple more days to truly digest her as a character I could go full on character analysis with her and still discover different things about her in the process. I just really loved River.

Eve’s writing style is beautiful. It is so evocative and stunning. And beautiful. There is just so much to love about her writing style and the way that she sets the world up and creates her characters within this world. It does the perfect job of creating this fully unnerving tale that you can’t help but demolish just so that you can know what is happening as soon as possible. This was the first book of hers that I have read and am definitely going to go down that rabbit hole when I don’t have another 37 books scheduled to read this year…

Yeah, I would 10/10 recommend giving this a read. I went in for the witches and stayed for the stunning storytelling and a story that kept going in directions that I never expected and left me with so many thoughts and questions.

4/5 stars

Parentheses count: 2. See you tomorrow!

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