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2017 Reading Challenge Book 20 – City of Ashes

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2017 Reading Challenge Book 20 - City of Ashes
2017 Reading Challenge Book 20 – City of Ashes

I made a decision midway through this book that I could not read this series all in one go like I had hoped I could, and so I decided that I would do it in batches of 3. Which actually works quite well because of the structure of the series anyway, and also crosses over to The Infernal Devices as well.

I also have a confession to make, that for the most part I can’t quite recall clearly enough what happened in this book and what happened in the 3rd one. I had to google it to really split the two apart, which I don’t think is a good sign…but ho hey.

I think my made my thoughts on Clare’s writing pretty clear in my review of the first book and for the most part my thoughts haven’t really changed. I still rolled my eyes more than I thought was physically possible to do so in such short bursts of time. I still think that there are huge areas that just sort of fall flat. And I’m still very confused as to why the whole incest storyline is as prevalent as it is throughout this whole book (and into the next one).

Can we just talk about the Clary/Jace thing for a second? Why did I have to read an entire section of this book just dedicated to someone being fucked up enough to make those two kiss and then having that escalate super quickly and just continue to escalate? Why are they so adamant to not even try and take some space away from each other and process the fact that they are (for now at least) brother and sister. Seriously every conversation they had (it might not have been, but it felt like that) seemed to focus on the fact that they thought they were in love with one another but couldn’t do anything about because it would be frowned upon, except for the time that they appeared to genuinely consider a secret relationship because that’s better than nothing…And also why did it have to happen so publicly? Was it just so that it could get Simon to the point where he gets turned into a vampire…? So many questions. All starting with the word why. None of them getting answered at any point.

I just mentioned him so I will continue talking about Simon. I always knew that he was going to turn into a vampire and the general initial trajectory of his storyline. So there weren’t really any surprises for me there in that respect but I was grateful to get a different perspective just because there is only so long I can sit with Clary before I start to hate her completely.

Speaking of Clary, I liked the fact that her rune ability was explored a bit more and it became apparent that it was way stronger than anyone thought. And that was somewhat interesting. It was about as interesting as her character got. There just didn’t appear to be anymore character development for me with her apart from that. I mean she was in a half assed relationship with Simon which kind of highlighted how terrible a person she had become since falling into the Shadowhunter world and she was still clearly in love with a person who she thought was her brother. Actually the whole Simon thing just reminded me of what I didn’t like about her in the first book, she just became incredibly selfish and started ignoring her world before them. She’s an incredibly irritating character, and on some level I get the selfishness but then on another she really needs to get her shit together.

I’d talk about the other characters, but honestly they were hardly there. I exaggerate obviously, but it also kind of feels like it’s true. Magnus is still being called on at the drop of the hat. I don’t think Izzy actually did anything except just sort of be there and have Clary say something vaguely negative about her. Alec is apparently still there…and in a relationship. Not that you would actually know given that it’s only implied about once. Maybe twice. Maia seemed interesting enough but then nothing really happened with her all that much, so who knows if she really is.

Again, this book was easy to read which was nice. There was some kind of forward progression, even though I found it all very irritating and also didn’t feel like there was any movement. There was, I can acknowledge that. I just didn’t like it. And I now only have 2 and a half books to read from this series (and 5 and a half in total) so it’s not all bad.

2/5 stars.

Parentheses count: 4. See you tomorrow!

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