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2017 Reading Challenge Book 21 – City of Glass

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I keep reading these books, which means I have to keep reviewing them, which means that I just feel like I’m being very negative all the time right now and also makes me seem crazy, because I keep reading books that I’m not really a fan of.

The book that brought me a step closer to halfway was:

2017 Reading Challenge, Book 21, City of Glass
2017 Reading Challenge, Book 21, City of Glass

There was a change of scenery in this book! I am grateful for this. It added a new element to the story that frankly I needed. The incest storyline came to an end! Which again, frankly I needed it to. Valentine was dealt with! Luke became an actual character! Jocelyn woke up! Downworlders and Shadowhunters worked together! There was a new villain introduced! There actually appeared to be some character development for all characters!

I’ve overused exclamation points in that paragraph, but my point is there were things that I liked about this book. The change of scenery helped massively with this, getting to know a new aspect of the Shadowhunter world was great and it also meant that Idris became a more solid thing than just this place that they all talked about wistfully but never actually saw.

The character development in this book was greatly appreciated and surprised me on some level, which shows you just how low my bar is set with this. Luke actually having something to do and becoming an actual character rather than this looming figure who just sort of pottered around and got injured was great. I strongly approved of it. Seeing him settle back into a world that shunned him was actually quite satisfying to see. I will say though, that the whole parabati thing is severely overlooked (in a general sense that is), like surely there is some emotional baggage from the whole fall out of that, but it’s rarely touched upon which is a tad annoying. But anyway, more Luke, that’s fun. I liked that. (I’m not gonna say anything more about Max’s death other than the fact that Max was not a character that was fleshed out enough for me to care about his death and that it’s ridiculous that there had to be that kind of catalyst to get any kind of Lightwoods development…and even then it was minimal come the end of this book.)

Jocelyn being awake also promises some kind of good, mainly because there is a part of me that hopes that maybe now Clary will stop being so selfish (spoiler alert, she kind of doesn’t. I’m reading book four as I write this and by the time it posts I’ll be finished with it). Also it will be interesting to see what her being awake will mean for Clary.

I love me a good villain so it will be interesting to see where Sebastian/Jonathan goes for the second half of the series because for the most part the kind of person he was and what he was capable of was teased towards the latter end of the book. I’m also just gonna choose to believe that Sebastian was ignorant of the fact that Clary was his sister when he kissed her because I just CANNOT deal with yet more incest.

The Downworlders and the Shadowhunters coming together for the greater good was enjoyable. I liked it. There are parts of it that I didn’t like, but for the most part it was good. It’ll be interesting to see how that carries on throughout the second half of the series. I also liked the appearance of the Angel and again I’m interested to see what the repercussions of Clary’s (again super selfish) decision will have on their world and also on Jace (I’m already seeing that in Book 4…I’ll talk about it then). Oh and also Simon, who continues to be a terrible vampire made even worse by the fact that he can walk in the sun and also how his second new found power is going to affect his life in future books.

This book definitely felt like a nice conclusion tom the first half of the series which was nice. I like conclusions. It also left aspects that could be explored in future books without there feeling like there will be too much reach.

Not that the bar was very high, but this was probably my favourite of the books so far.

2/5 stars

Parentheses count: 5. See you tomorrow!

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