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2017 Reading Challenge Book 24 – City of Lost Souls

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Yup, back at with the book reviews, but the good news is that I am now all caught up and so I will start to stagger them from here on out for the near future. So the latest book review is the following:

2017 Reading Challenge, Book 24, City of Lost Souls
2017 Reading Challenge, Book 24, City of Lost Souls

I only have one more book to read to finish off The Mortal Instruments and to be brutally honest I am so excited about this as a prospect. I need this to be done (and I’m ignoring the fact that I still have The Infernal Devices left to read, those are three books and done, I can do that…I hope) and I am half a book away from this being the case. But back to book 5.

My god this book went on for a bit. Just so long. And so much filler. Or at least I felt like there was anyway. Then all of sudden things started happening in the last 50/60 pages and it finally got interesting. But this book is 500 or so pages long so for it only be really interesting for less than 10% of it is really not all that enjoyable an experience. And also the last part of this book was only interesting because it set up book 6 and finally made Sebastian’s very previously ambiguously very clear. And then for a brief moment I was actually routing for him if only because it meant that something was happening.

That’s the state I am at with these books, what can I say. I actually started liking Jace for the sole reason that he was no longer acting like himself and was something akin to being like his old, slightly cocky self that I enjoyed in the first book before he became whatever the fuck it is that he is most of the time since he met Clary. He is one of the most annoying male protagonists that I have ever encountered and I still haven’t finished Moby Dick for the main reason that I cannot stand Ishamel (and other reasons, but let’s not get into those again, seriously I will finish that book one day). But he is, and then he stopped being annoying in this book and it was wild. And then he was annoying again briefly although he made some very good points, and the whole thing just also further highlighted that Clary is the most ridiculous protagonist. She continues to just not think before she acts and go against people who actually know what they are doing and I do not know why she insists on doing that. I really truly don’t.

Izzy remains a shell of a character, Alec continues to get more annoying, Maia seems to just sort of be there with no real change in character other than the fact that she is clearly not all that into Jordan. Magnus, I could not tell you what he did in this book actually now that I think about it. Or Luke or Jocelyn. Which is usually the way with these characters in these books I have learned.

Simon does still appear to be the most interesting character in this series and that is proven more and more when he seems to be the only one who is doing anything and at this point he is honestly the only reason I am still invested in this series, although I fear that might not stay that way…

The good news is, you’re only going to have to read about my dislike for this series once more because I am now nearing the end of the thing.

For now though, 2/5 stars

Parentheses count: 2. See you tomorrow!

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