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2017 Reading Challenge, Book 26 – City of Heavenly Fire

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Yes, I have skipped a number. Book 25 was Beautifull Cassandra by Jane Austen because I knew I was going to finish Lost Souls in the morning and I didn’t want to spend a half hour on a train without anything to read and so I slipped it into my bag. I really enjoyed it. It was a side of Austen that I had never encountered and it was a really enjoyable one. I laughed a lot during it which I didn’t expect. There were parts of it that I truly had to stop reading just to digest the comedy aspects of it because it was so unlike the Austen that I know and mostly love.

That book brought me to the half way point with this year’s reading challenge which is good, but that is not the book that I am going to talk about.

The book in question is, surprise surprise:

2017 Reading Challenge, Book 26, City of Heavenly Fire
2017 Reading Challenge, Book 26, City of Heavenly Fire

The good news is is that I am now finished with this particular series of books. The bad news is that I have gone straight through to The Infernal Devices so there are more of these reviews coming that may or may not be all that favourable. But let’s just talk about this book shall we?

Unsurprisingly I wasn’t a fan. It just went on a bit and then it all seemed a bit anti-climatic at the end. And also, just when you think it had ended it still had about 100 pages left to go, which I know was mostly to do with the fact that loose ends had to be tied up, but for the most part it just went on a bit.

So, the things I did like. Alec actually got feelings and did something of use which was surprising given how little he had gotten in on the action in the previous 5 books, that cold hearted killing of the faerie was maybe the first time I actually liked him in the whole series so far and then it just sort of continued to be an upward trend with my liking of his character. It only took 5 and a half books…

Simon. He turned out to be my favourite character and the most interesting throughout the whole series and I liked his arc for the most part. It remained a bright spark (except for that thing where he dated Maia and Izzy at the same time and then I just read in confusion because that seemed incredibly out of character). His relationship with Izzy developing was good enough…although I didn’t like the way it felt that that was all that Izzy had for the majority of the latter half. Her relationship. And I know that she did do other things, but for the most part the only time she truly ‘came out of her shell’ was when she was with Simon or when she was talking about Simon.

But sticking to things that I like, for which there is only one and it was more amusing than anything. Jace, whilst on a mission to demon realm trying to save his world from almost certain destruction still remembered to bring condoms with him…although actually Jace was kind of amusing at parts as well and I liked that. So, maybe there were two things left.

The things I disliked were far more extensive, but I’m only going to focus on one because it drove me insane. Sebastian.

Just him as a character.

Now, I love me a villain. Villains makes fantasy entertainment go around. Everything needs a villain of some kind. And Sebastian had the makings of a fucking great villain. But he was so weirdly obsessed with being in actual love with his sister that it drove me fucking mad. It was like where one (unnecessary) incest plot ended another one began with even more ferocity than the first one. For no reason. No actual legitimate reason. None. And there were moments of brilliance with him and parts where he really shone as a villain, but it was mostly hidden underneath all these layers of incest that I just couldn’t cope with.

And then there was his death where for some reason an attempt at redemption was made. Why I do not know. (Well, actually on some level I do, I’m an English graduate, seeing various interpretations of the same text is something that I almost literally have a degree in). But it just all seemed pointless. I think I was supposed to feel something like sadness for Jocelyn and Clary but in actual fact I was just like, die. You’re done. The end is now here, no need to draw it out. It was just another layer of frustration attached to this whole series.

I’m trying (and evidently failing) to not be totally negative so I am not going to continue with the other things I wasn’t a fan of in this book…for which there were a lot now that I really think about it.

Look, I would maybe just about recommend reading the first three books of this series. But that’s about it. I mean you do you in terms of reading, but I wouldn’t say that these should be high up on your list of books to read…


Only 3 more books left.

2/5 stars

Parentheses count: 4. See you tomorrow!

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