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2017 Reading Challenge, Book 28 – Clockwork Prince

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It’s Sunday, it’s Father’s Day, it’s (supposed to be) hair wash day, it’s the last day of the weekend (always comes too quickly) and it is also time for yet another book review to be posted. Because I just finished another one and I’m in a position to keep on top of them right now.

Given that the last book I read was book 1 of this series, it should come as no surprise that today’s book is book 2:

2017 Reading Challenge, Book 28, Clockwork Prince
2017 Reading Challenge, Book 28, Clockwork Prince

I am also not going to totally slate this book. Believe me I was fully prepared for this to take a turn after I somewhat enjoyed the first one. I did not think that was going to last. I truly didn’t. 6 books where you hated almost everything about them for the most part will jade a person. However this book followed in the footsteps of the first and it was actually enjoyable.

I mean I saw where most things were going from a mile off and the last 100 pages seemed to go on a bit, but you know like it didn’t feel like pulling teeth and I found myself getting almost annoyed when my train journey would come to an end and I would have to stop reading.

In some ways this kind of felt like a filler book in that it was all just building to the inevitable conclusion in book 3 but not in a bad way. I mean there was definitely still some forward progression and the characters did feel like they became more developed. Jem is my actual new fave and I feel both sad knowing his future and also happy because I know his future and it’s all bad..but still I love him and I hate that he is has to suffer. Will is still a tad annoying in that he honestly just seems to be a slightly different brunet version of Jace and also he’s an idiot. The Lightwoods are shady as hell still and there is a large part of me that finds that amusing and also Sophie (feels a bit like I’m talking about myself in the 3rd person there, but ho hey…) coming into her own and being more an actual character was much appreciated.

Seeing a bit more of how other Institutes are run and the way that the the Clave works and getting a small understanding of the wider political infrastructure for the Shadow world was great. Seeing Tessa become more comfortable, or at least more in tune with her with ability and becoming a slightly more well rounded character was great because I really like her. Also the route that Jessamine took, I mean once it registered with me that she was sneaking out I kind of figured out where that was going (although I didn’t see marriage being a thing) but it was still interesting to see how her character arc weaved into the grander scheme of things. Nate was still an idiot.

Overall, I liked the way that it all seemed to build to some serious shit going down in the last book which I am almost excited for. And the standard of writing is a lot better than it was for most of the first series and there are as always some great passages of writing and the literature nerd in me appreciated the way that it was used in a way that I didn’t necessarily fully take on board in the first book. But I will say this, what is the obsession with incest? Why must it be shoe horned in in some capacity at every turn…?

I would maybe recommend it, but ya know, read the first book first.

3/5 stars

Parentheses count: 3. Maybe see you tomorrow!

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