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2017 Reading Challenge, Book 29 – Clockwork Princess

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I finished another book over the weekend, so you know what that means? I have another book review for you today.

And with the conclusion of this book I have now officially finished with all the Cassandra Clare novels that are in my possession (that very well may be the only ones that I keep in my possession, the thing that it is dependent on is ridiculous, don’t ask). Which I’m very happy about on the whole, I have pretty much lived in the Shadow world for the last 11 or so weeks (I read another book and took a week out from reading altogether but I think it is roughly that) and I am looking forward to going into a new world (hello Graeme Simsion).

2017 Reading Challenge, Book 29, Clockwork Princess
2017 Reading Challenge, Book 29, Clockwork Princess

Again, I actually quite enjoyed this book. It was good. It was enjoyable. It was well written. It did nothing I didn’t really expect it to and again it went on a bit too much in the end, but I didn’t find myself rolling my eyes at it every single sentence nor did I find myself willing it to just be over so that I could be done with the dam book. I mean I still sped through it, but that was mainly to do with the fact that, as I’ve said before, Clare’s writing style is really easy to get on board with. But it wasn’t a chore to get through and it didn’t force me to descend into a reading slump like 6 did.

Like I said, it sort of went the way that I thought it was going to go and so it was predictable in that sense but that was fine. I didn’t go into this series expecting it to reinvent the wheel. Oh, but one thing was slightly unexpected. The arrival of an actual angel and all that that entailed I did not see coming. It was a pleasant surprise and a twist that once it happened made obvious sense, and I liked the way it linked into the Herondale birth mark. So, yeah it wasn’t totally predictable.

I still quite liked the different take on what a villainous creature is, it fits right into the time it is set in and also to me works as a nice contrast to Henry’s vibe as an inventor. Sort of like two sides of the same coin, I’m looking at this through an ‘I need to write an essay on it’ lens there, but yeah, I liked that contrast between the two approaches to the introduction of technology.

I mean, I knew because I had read the original 6 books that Jem was going to become a Silent Brother but I liked the way that was played out. I liked the fact that it was only told from Will’s point of view and for some reason it took me way too long to register that Tessa didn’t know that had happened until Will told her, I think I was mainly just concerned about Jem because he’s my fave.

I don’t know if it’s the cynic in me or if it just got incredibly repetitive, but the continual declarations of love are a bit much. They just seemed to go on a bit and effectively said the same thing each and every time. I just feel like there is only so many times you can tell someone that you love them before it gets…annoying. And at this point in the series, I kind of get it. Jem loves Tessa who loves him back but also loves Will who also loves her back and then also loves Jem in a different kind of way. I thought for the most part the love triangle element was well handled, which was an element that I feared because I am so done with love triangles, but it was good. It made sense and, yeah as I said, it was handled well.

I thought the ending was good, it was satisfying enough. It felt a bit rushed at points  but then it also felt like it went on a bit. It was very weird but I didn’t hate the ending. I’m a bit iffy about the epilogue though. I dunno it just felt like a whistle stop tour of all the characters and how they died and then Jem and Tessa reunited. Which you kind of knew was going to happen at the end of Heavenly Fire and I really didn’t need yet another declaration of love…I’m definitely a cynic.

Slight bug bear, and this is solely a personal thing, the fact that when Sophie Ascended her name became Sophia, was what that about? Why would you do that? They are two different names…I have never met anyone called Sophie who used it as a short version of Sophia, and I’ve met A LOT of Sophie’s in my time. And they also, for the most part, do not like being called Sophia, because it’s not their name…? I mean it’s whatever, but yeah it annoyed me slightly on a purely personal level.

I think this is my second fave of the series, because my actual fave is the second one and I would recommend reading this trilogy over The Mortal Instruments just because I think it is better written and there are elements that are better handled in it, like the love triangle aspect. And there is actual incest in this one, it’s almost there but not and that tells you all that you need to know as a whole.

3/5 stars.

Parentheses count: 3. See you tomorrow!

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