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2017 Reading Challenge, Book 42 – Odd and the Frost Giants

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I went on a Neil Gaiman binge and dried the backlog up, which I am a little bit sad about because now there is none of his brilliance left for me to draw upon in times of need. But before I got to that point, I had this to read.

2017 Reading Challenge, Book 42, Odd and the Frost Giants
2017 Reading Challenge, Book 42, Odd and the Frost Giants

Again I bought this book because of the Chris Riddell illustrations, it hadn’t really been on my radar until then. But once it was on my radar I couldn’t wait to read it. Similarly to Sleeper, it was short and sweet and exactly the kind of thing that I needed at the time, which is why I read them back to back. And very quickly

This one is kind of like a coming of age story in some ways. It’s also very much based in Norse Mythology, meaning that I have ended up with more Norse mythology in my life this year than I ever have previously (this has also come about due the release of Thor 3). I’m not at all mad about that as situation, I love me some mythology inspired narratives. Give them all to me.

It took me all of a minute to realise that these animals that Odd was meeting were going to be Gods, although I didn’t quite figure out who was which animal and I did keep getting them confused, but that’s a me thing and not a book thing (I read these things on trains, I’m tired most of the time, I digress).

I liked that on some level it was a story based on trust and what that means to them all. Or at least that is what I took from it. I liked the way that the story progressed once it got towards the climax of the story and the whole trickster element of it as things all came to a head.

I loved all the stuff with Loki and how he interplayed with the rest of the characters in this book. I think he might have been my favourite character even though it’s pretty much Odd’s story. But then that is pretty much how I feel whenever Loki makes an appearance anywhere, it’s a thing for me for some reason.

Talking about Odd though, I did like his story arc as it were. I liked that what he had this overall goal that he wanted to achieve and something felt all warm and fuzzy when he actually succeeded in doing it come the end. I liked how he really came into his own throughout as he had to contend with these Gods and their egos.

This story, in keeping with the work that it takes inspiration from, has something to learn from it. I finished reading it feeling like it would stick with me in some way. And it has since I finished reading it. Not in any ways that I could specifically pin point, but as I was writing this review some time after I finished reading it I realised that it had in some ways. Like you can defeat the giant quietly and Gods can be kind.

3/5 stars

Parentheses count: 2. See you tomorrow!

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