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2017 Reading Challenge Book 7 – #GIRLBOSS

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The title should give it away right? Yep, you’ve guessed it, we have moved onto Book 7, which is:

2017 Reading Challenge, Book 7, #GIRLBOSS
2017 Reading Challenge, Book 7, #GIRLBOSS

The timing of me reading this was all that accidental to be honest. I started it on 23/01 when my faith in humanity was both at its highest and its lowest (but mainly the latter come that Monday morning). I needed something that would just pep me up and so I chose something (three somethings it would turn out, more on that a later day though) about a woman (and women actually) getting shit done.

This book doesn’t reinvent the wheel and nor does it claim that it is going to do so. I didn’t finish this book feeling like I could start my own business or any of that stuff. It was no Big Magic 2.0 and nor did I want it to be that. It’s a book that chronicles how Amoruso took a dead end job and what was effectively a hobby and did something incredible with it. I finished this book just feeling good about things and I can’t quite pinpoint the specifics of this feeling but it just felt good.

I’m going to be perfectly honest this was one of those books that was only my radar because it kept showing up on loads of lists last year as books that you must read and well I am very easily swayed and although I had no intention of buying it, when I was in my favourite place Waterstones Piccadilly it was on a display stand and it felt rude not too. (It doesn’t take much with me, my current book buying ban is proving very difficult when books just keep on looking pretty and being published, also let’s not talk about a few of the pre-orders that I have already made this year…they are valid, it’s fine. It’s fine.) I also have next to no knowledge of Nasty Gal, I Googled is once I had finished the book, but it wasn’t on my radar before then (and to be honest I still don’t really know anything about it, other than what the homepage looks like).

I think in some way that was useful, I could just go into with a fresh outlook and be pleasantly surprised. Amoruso was pretty candid about the way in which she got to where she is. It was refreshing. She worked damn hard and that came through in her writing. I liked her writing style, it was to the point. Yet, it was also personable. It was easy to read. It never felt patronising or condescending. It just felt honest. That’s why I enjoyed reading it so much. I managed to read it quickly because it was just so easy to do so.

Another thing that I liked was the other small testimonies from other Girlbosses. It broke up the book nicely and also gave other small perspectives on what it took for them to get to where they were and how it was different to the way that Amoruso got to where she was. They were nice little snapshots that did feel kind of inspiring so that’s good.

This book is good. I get why there is hype around. Did I finish it feeling like I could conquer the world? I think it’s clear that it didn’t. Did I finish it feeling a bit better about things? Yes, at the time I did. It did exactly what I needed it to do at the time. Would I recommend it, yeah I would. I think it’s hyped for a reason and also it’s always great to read about other women kicking ass in the real world and not just in fiction.

(And okay, maybe in some small part of my mind it did leave me feeling like I could maybe, try and potentially conquer the world. Maybe.)

3/5 stars

Parentheses count: 6. See you tomorrow!

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