2016 Reading Challenge Book 38 -Winter’s Snow

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The book chat is still going, although it will be slightly shorter in this instance. Today it is this one:

2016 Reading Challenge, Book 38, Winter's Snow
2016 Reading Challenge, Book 38, Winter’s Snow

A short and sweet little novella that was perfect for the festive period and could be read in less than an hour which is just what I needed as I reached the end of the year and wanted to reach 40. It’s a return to the magical world created by Fletcher in On the Other Side, which told the tale of Evie Snow trying to make it through to her own personal heaven and all the burdens that she had to shed before her soul was light enough to reach it’s destination.

This little novella tells the Vincent Winter side of the tale. Kind of. It’s what he had to do in order to reach his own personal heaven. I mentioned in my review of On the Other Side that I basically wanted to know more about Vincent and his life after Evie walked out of it and this satisfied my curiosity to an extent. I liked getting to know what Vincent had to shed in order to get to heaven and how he had to do that. And I liked just getting to spend a bit more fictional time with one of my favourite characters in the book.

There was naturally that element of magic to it all that conjured up some stunning images. Returning to this world, even just briefly, was wonderful and it reminded me for the 3o (or so) minutes that I spent reading this book of how much I enjoyed Fletcher’s style of writing. It was delightfully fluffy little read that was a quick return back to a world that I was fully prepared to not go back to again (in a new material kind of sense that is).

I could only recommend reading this book if you’ve read On the Other Side first because they do very much link to one another.

3/5 stars.

Parentheses count: 2. See you tomorrow!

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