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2017 Reading Challenge Book 10 – Quidditch Through the Ages

Hi, Hey, Hello!

It’s going to be a short one today, because it’s a short book. And it’s about a fictitious sport. And also, I am now officially a fifth of the way through this year’s challenge, with this being February’s first book (yes I read 9 books in January).

2017 Reading Challenge, Book 10, Quidditch Through the Ages
2017 Reading Challenge, Book 10, Quidditch Through the Ages

Quidditch to be precise (which I still don’t quite understand how to play if you’re just a regular ol’ Muggle, although I do know it is attempted). This book was written for Red Nose Day and provides a nice little insight into a world that I honestly may never fully leave.

First of all, it has some gorgeous illustrations dotted throughout which I feel really added something to the book as a whole. Plus, ya know, I’m a sucker for an illustration. Secondly, I mean it’s not all that complicated a book. It’s literally just about Quidditch…through the ages…

So a few things that I liked about it:

  • The evolution of the language related to the sport.
  • Finding out exactly how broomsticks came to be and how they are the wizarding world’s worst kept secret.
  • The various broom sports that existed before it all mangled into one and became Quidditch
  • Oh, the fact that Gertie Keddle thought that the game she was witnessing these people play on the marshes was pointless made me laugh.
  • The arrival of the Golden Snitch was a tragic tale that I did not expect, but also one that made total sense if you really let the thought sit and marinate with you.
  • The fact that no one really took it all that seriously that it needed to Muggle proofed for some reason made me laugh so much. So dumb. Yet also makes so much sense.
  • The outrage at the removal of the baskets.
  • For some reason it never even occurred to me that people would use magic to cheat…because I guess I’m an idiot and need it spelled out for me or something…
  • Racing broom competition
  • Chudley Cannons changing their damn club motto

I would recommend it if the wizarding world is your cup of tea, and if you want a bit of random knowledge about a pretty niche sport.

3/5 stars.

Parentheses count: 2. See you tomorrow!


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