2017 Reading Challenge Book 11 – The Graveyard Book

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It’s Monday night and I am coming at you with another book review of a book that I finished on Thursday afternoon. I am slowly catching my reviews up to my speed of reading…I don’t know what will happen when I get all caught up. These things were my safety blanket. But I will worry about that later on in the week (ie, in like two days…).

Today’s book is this:

2017 Reading Challenge, Book 11, The Graveyard Book
2017 Reading Challenge, Book 11, The Graveyard Book

This marks my first Gaiman read of the year of which there are plenty and I picked it because it seemed like the least heavy book I could think of to read at a time where I just wasn’t really in a reading mood. Contrary to the quote on the front of this book I don’t think that it’s Gaiman’s best work, it’s not that it’s bad. It’s just not one of my faves. I was well into Chapter 7 when I finally started to feel invested in this book in the slightest. It’s an 8 chapter book…

I liked the way the world was built, the interchanging between Bod and his very alive self and the dead was great. The way he was able to seemingly, for a while at least, inexplicably border the two worlds was something that I was almost a little bit envious of…I liked the overall ‘villain’ of the story. The play on the phrase ‘Jack of all trades’ was an unexpected turn that made so much sense when it finally settled down. I liked the allusive Silas and how he was never really explained. I honestly still have so many questions about him (but what’s new there), like what the hell is he? What does he really do? Who is he really? Does he just take people under his wing often in graveyards? Where does he live when he’s not at the graveyard? What’s so special about Bod that he takes this on?

See, I have a lot of questions.

Oh, also, how the hell is Bod gonna cope in the real world. He’s 15 and has only lived with ghosts and interacted with people who don’t remember him at all…?

Speaking of his interactions with other people, I also enjoyed it for the brief time that he was at school. He was weirdly bold about it all and also he made a lot of good points. I liked that it was through this excursion that the reader kind of got to know the extent of what this living kid could do and what he had learned from the ghosts he calls family. I

I really enjoyed the way that feeling that something bad was coming seemed to settle on the pages the more that you moved through Chapter 7. How as a reader you could sense it was all about to come to a head and some shit was gonna go down. And how it then wove in all the little pieces of information that it had referenced throughout the rest of the book and how the puzzle came into view, especially with the return of Scarlett. I liked that ominous feeling that came with and it is one of the elements of Gaiman’s writing that I love. It evokes a feeling at the exact right time.

Things I didn’t like, I was slightly disorientated by the way the timeline progressed. It just jumped from chapter to chapter, so while logically it did make sense it still kind of threw me through a loop every time I had to adjust to the fact that Bod was getting older. I also wanted more of the ghosts, especially the Lady on the Grey, because she with her Angel of Death vibes fascinates me and I wanted more because I’m greedy.

Overall, this wasn’t my favourite thing that I have read by Gaiman but that might also because I am not the target audience. It was a magical world that was beautifully written I cannot deny, it just wasn’t for me.

(Oh, and also, as usual special shout out to the gorgeous Chris Riddell illustrations at the beginning of each chapter)

3/5 stars

Parentheses count: 3. See you tomorrow!

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