Letters to Spring 1

Letters to Spring 1

Dear Spring,

You’re lurking somewhere. Closer to the surface than before, but still not quite revealing yourself fully. It’s hidden under the thick grey clouds that threaten downpours. It’s clear in the way the sun exists behind them, a hazy yellow coin that spikes light out gently but doesn’t distract from the grey.

The air around has changed though, become muggy. Heavy. Thick, like the clouds, but not in the same way. In fact the thick clouds seem like they might offer some kind of relief because with rain comes something akin to coolness. With water pooling in the roads and in dips of the pavements there comes a freshness. It drags us back to feeling like it’s still winter and that we are just trapped here for an eternity in an opposite way to Game of Thrones. Winter isn’t coming, it’s here and it’s lasting for an eternity.

Or so it feels.

But then come early afternoon the muted yellow disk manages to break through a bit stronger and the grey melts away revealing a weirdly brilliant blue that you somehow forgot could exist, despite the fact that clear blue skies are a common occurrence during the winter months. They’re just colder. Brisk, biting, winds that somehow manage to creep underneath all the layers you so carefully put on before braving the elements. And now they feel warm.

There are continual comments about how many degrees it is outside and being alarmed every time that the number has somehow managed to go above 12 degrees. There’s discussions about whether or not it’s necessary to put a coat on, winter coats still close to hand because we can’t be fooled – we know how the weather here works, for a 20 minute walk and then there’s more comments about the fact that the seasons are definitely changing because if the coats are ditched it isn’t a disaster. A chill doesn’t settle into your fingertips and toes and linger there when you’ve returned to almost too warm rooms. It feels almost pleasant.

It signals that more days like that are to come.

The blue skies that have arrived now hold promise of warmth and longer days to spend basking in the sun and flowers blossoming even more. Trees are going to stop looking so bare and empty and soon be full of life again.

I’ve always quite enjoyed watching the world turn to a burnt orange with flecks of gold, but this year at the moment I’m finding myself drawn to watching things bloom and the world filling with greens, blues, yellows, pinks, red, whites…

It’s an odd one, but let’s go with it shall we?


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