Letters to Spring 6

Letters to Spring 6

Dear Spring,

I have an attention span problem.

It’s a warped kind of attention span problem. It’s also linked to the fact that I am also a procrastinator. I somehow just do tons of largely pointless things before I even think about getting to the thing that I originally wanted to do. For example I just left that last sentence half unfinished for a good 20 minutes while I went off and did something else rather pointless (I was on Tumblr).

I make a to-do list at work and as I do that I know how long each individual task will roughly take and then I just sort of put them off because I know how much time it’s gonna take if I just focus and do it. I make a to-do list for when I get home after work and then just promptly ignore it because if it’s gonna happen then it will happen and sometimes Netflix just calls to me.

Which brings me on to my next point and my weird warped attention span problem. I can quite happily sit down in one spot on my sofa and watch an entire season of something in one day, maybe two. And I’m talking a 42 minutes, 22 episodes kind of commitment. I can do that with ease. The amount of times I rock into work on a Monday and say that I watched an entire season of something is borderline alarming. But I can do it. I can do that easy.

But the thing that makes up most of my Netflix list are films. And every time I scroll through my list to try and find something to watch I skip all the films because I know that I will just not be able to sit still and pay attention for 90-120 minutes. I can’t do it. I just pause it at a time where there seems to be a bit of a lull and have a mooch around the rest of the internet and then I get back to it. I don’t do that with tv shows. Not to the same extent anyway. I started watching Inside Llewyn Davis I’m gonna say over a year ago now and I still haven’t finished it. I’m now gonna have to start from the beginning and start this cycle again. And it’s not because I’m not enjoying the film. It’s just I can’t for some reason keep my attention focused on it from beginning to end.

It makes going to the cinema a bit of a nightmare…I get half way through and am like oh I could really go for a pause right now just to have a little walk around and check in on Twitter. When I went to see Newsies it broke for the intermission that actually exists in the Broadway show and it was one of the greatest things ever, it was just 15 minutes to take a breather and then I could just carry on with it (I was also reminded last night that The Godfather Part 2 also has an intermission built into it, but that is also a 3 hour beast of a film).

Even writing this post (as was suggested earlier) took wayyyyy longer than was necessary. I knew exactly where it was going and what I wanted to say, but YouTube exists and so I ended up just spiralling there before I actually got this post done. It should have taken 20 minutes, it took over an hour instead…

And it could have taken longer but it was getting kind of late and I wanted it done (that is giving me essay deadlines at uni flashbacks… I swear I was a good student… I mean I met deadlines), but my attention span just wasn’t wanting. What it was really wanting was to carry on the my Jane the Virgin viewing.


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