Letters to Spring 11

Letters to Spring 11

Dear Spring,

I did some cardio last night for the first time in nearly 2 weeks and it wasn’t totally awful. I mean it was, but it was also rewarding in some sense and I got through it. It was an hour, my glutes burned for about 75% of it as did my abs. There were a lot of planks involved and plank variations, it was the first time I had done something like that since I jacked up a muscle in my wrist and it was pretty much fine. It felt a bit like riding a bike in some way if that makes sense.

It’s also the beginning of what has now become a very exercise heavy week. It’s like I’m making up workouts for the fact that I went 10 days without doing anything more than walking. It’s pretty much all low intensity and it’s just gonna leave my thighs and abs burning like there is no tomorrow (if I do it right anyway). And I’ve slowly become the kind of person who think it is totally not abnormal to exercise 7 out of the next 8 days…and do it over a long weekend which I usually use to just sleep for hours and be generally quite lazy (can I also just say that come next week I am most definitely going to calm it down because I’m not completely crazy).

But not this time. Which has reminded me that apparently that there is something about Easter weekends, and the prospect of eating all the chocolate (for which I have acquired a lot of now), that strongly encourages me to work the fuck out. Last year (whilst also nursing a legit hangover) I made the crazy decision to join a gym in the first place and then this year I’m doing this crazy shit. And because it has been pretty much a year since some part of my brain broke (for the better) I’ve been getting a tad reflective and have realised that although there have not been massive changes with me physically (like all my clothes still fit, I don’t think I’ve lost a huge amount of weight blah blah blah) there are definitely some changes. Liked there is some toning that has gone down and I can say things like doing cardio for the first time after two weeks without it felt like riding a bike and I act like it’s perfectly normal to go into burning and aching glutes, thighs and abs with my eyes wide open and just accept it as an event that will occur in my life.

Just perfectly normal things.


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