Letters to Spring 13

Letters to Spring 13

Dear Spring,

It might seem like all I talk about right now is books, and that might be true but they are currently kind of the only thing that is changing in my life. So, having said that, I started a new book yesterday and it reminded me of a couple of things.

They are mainly that I love it when you can tell from the opening pages of a book that the book you have just started is going to be right up your alley and I love it when a book takes something that you think you know quite well and then just totally turns it on its head.

Both of these happened to me when I opened my new book yesterday morning on my train journey in. I blitzed through 40 pages of it in about half an hour and was so annoyed that I then I had to get off and go to work. And then was even more annoyed that my train home was so busy that I couldn’t get my book out to carry on reading it for a good 10 minutes. It’s that kind of book.

And I love those kind of books. It reminded me that I have 29 (hmmmm, actually, maybe not quite) possibilities for that to happen. And that makes the prospect of all those books spread out in front of me so much more exciting. Given the way this book has hooked me I feel like I will be unearthing a new possibility to incredibleness again soon.


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