Letters to Spring 18

Letters to Spring 18

Dear Spring,

Going back to work today was hard. Four day weekends will do that to you. Four days of sleeping beyond 8am and sleeping well was just a delight, which made the alarm going off this morning even harder.

And then there’s the fact that it’s been a long weekend and emails and shit build up when you don’t look at them for 4 days. It gives the day a more hectic feel and somehow it all runs away from you and before you know it’s time for lunch and the somehow the day is over and even though everything is all caught up on you feel like you haven’t had any room to breathe and things just kept piling onto one another and by the end of the day you’re tired again and have forgotten all about that long weekend that literally JUST finished.

It was also the kind of work day that made me thankful for the fact that today is also a rest day, because although the somewhat restorative properties of yoga would probably have been well received by my body, the prospect of curling up on my sofa with Netflix and food was just so much more appealing.


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