Letters to Spring 21

Letters to Spring 21

Main sign offDear Spring,

The weather right now is a bit of a weird one. It’s giving off serious autumnal vibes but then while I walk around just going about my business there is a distinct spring transitioning into summer vibes.

My walk through the park in the morning is full of vibrant greens and blushing pinks. In fact the amount of green is sometimes a tad overwhelming and I always forget that the park is so green and then I turn into it and am just like ‘woah’.

But the clouds are grey and look like they are going to threaten rain and the wind carries a proper chill to it and I briefly wonder whether I am just being a bit too stubborn in the retiring of my winter coat.

I haven’t actually been caught in any kind of rain yet and the clouds do usually always break and let the sun bleed through them as well as revealing blue skies, but the chill is still there. The wind swirls with it pink and white blossom that skitters across the pavement and settles in the grooves of the drains. The world looks like springtime is here and warmer times are coming, but the chill in that wind is just super hard to ignore. The clouds that threaten rain seem to look greyer with every day and they always seem to creep back in at the end of the day as the sunsets illuminating the sky in a purpley-orange. The heating is still on full blast in the house.

Everything still seems to carry on the remnants of winter, like a drenched winter coat that you struggle to peel off with damp fingertips. There are hints that it will be shrugged off and allowed to pool on the floor semi discarded and forgotten, but for now the struggle seems to be continuing.

In a grey and green swirl of colour.


Main sign off

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