letters to spring

Letters to Spring 27

Dear Spring,

Today was my Friday and I kept forgetting it. I even agreed to do something tomorrow at work (a small task that I could easily do today) before remembering that I wasn’t going to be there. And then other people kept reminding me that they would see me next week and I kept thinking what?

It means that I’ve bagged myself a further string of 4 day weeks because Monday is a bank holiday and well there are always a good thing to be honest. Something about not having to deal with a full 5 days is quite…nice. In fact I’ve hit a nice streak of four day weeks just because that’s the way bank holidays and Easter worked.

I don’t even know what I’m going to do with this extra day off. Firstly because I am a terrible planner and also because I don’t think I really want to do anything with it other than just not have to be mostly sat at my desk for 8 hours of the day in an office that is soooo hot and is only going to get worse as the (supposedly) warmer months start rolling in. I mean I’m probably just going to lie on my sofa and catch up on some stuff that I’ve not been keeping on top of on the TV. Do some eating, drink some coffee, do some other life admin things. Basically just rest up because I have quite the busy Saturday. Oh and also maybe do some reading just because I need these books done with and I’m trying to stick to reading a book a week (even though the books keep getting longer…).

So that’s where I’m at. Feeling a little bit better than yesterday and really now looking forward to the fact that I have a 4 day weekend. The joy about having one has just hit me. Work week done. Weekend started.



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