2017 Reading Challenge Book 23 – City of Fallen Angels

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2017 Reading Challenge, Book 23, City of Fallen Angels
2017 Reading Challenge, Book 23, City of Fallen Angels

I am back at with this series because even though I intended to read all 6 of these back to back I finished book 3 and realised that I just couldn’t do that, so I took a break and then dove right on back in after a book palette cleanser.

I don’t even remember what actually happened in most of this book except for the ending. It was such a filler book. And it was mostly unnecessary I guess. In fact I think it just made me dislike characters even more, though I didn’t actually know that was possible given my thoughts on them all already.

I mean I guess it was building to a greater cause or something. I say ‘or something’ I know it was, I’ve read book 5. It was. The last 100 or so pages were all building to book 5, but my gosh did it take a while to get there. A very long while. And a lot of eye rolling and asking what the fuck at the page.

Jace somehow got more annoying although not as annoying as Clary. How she thought she could get away with bringing someone back from the dead with no consequences is beyond me, Clary continues to not think about the consequences to her actions and at this point it’s just ridiculous. It’s not even her just being a teenager, it’s her being an idiot and I cannot cope with her anymore. Which is real inconvenient when she is the main protagonist. Alec, what the fuck are you even doing? Was Izzy in this book? I can’t remember because I don’t think she did anything of worth. Magnus continues to be this weird type of non-entity who is still treated a bit like a pet. Oh and who the fuck are Luke and Jocelyn, I forget because nothing seems to happen with them development wise other than the fact that they are supposedly getting married?

I think another slight issue that I have with these books is that nothing is really surprise at all. I mean it’s pretty obvious to me what is going to happen and where things are heading, for example Jordan being Maia’s ex boyfriend I could see coming from a mile away and also I just know that that isn’t going to end well, I believed almost nothing that came out of his mouth when he defended himself agains this actions. So, it was a slight surprise to me when Lilith came into the picture, in that I really did not see that coming. It was interesting to see the way that she came into play, because it makes sense in a series that plays around with angels that you would have to introduced Lilith at some point. The power that she seemed to have was also interesting and the way that that is going to trickle down to the last two books is proving to be intriguing on some level.

There is a reason that I didn’t mention Simon up above and that is because shit actually happened with him and he has actually become one of my favourite characters. His character arc has always been the most interesting to me and this book just proved why. The Mark of Cain proved to be an intriguing new element to his character and finding out the extent of it’s power was a great piece of information to know. His interactions with his mother were heartbreaking and the way that he was still contending with his mundane life and his vampire life was too on some level. The way that the rest of the series effectively rests on his involvement was kinda cool, if not also a tad annoying because of the way the events happen, but I digress. The only thing I cannot get on board with is the whole dating both Maia and Isabelle at the same time thing. Like honestly, you don’t accidentally find yourself dating two people. You just don’t, and he was a douche for even attempting to do it in the first place (side note Clary is a bad friend for not mentioning it either of them also…or at least I think she was). But for the most part he was my favourite about this book.

Oh and also, Sebastian. I love me a good villain character and what with the whole Lilith thing I think he is promising to be a good one again.

For the most part I feel pretty much the same as I did with the first 3 books. Only this one was a tad more annoying because it was only within the last 100 pages that it felt like something was happening and make it worth my while to read.

2/5 stars

Parentheses count: 1. See you tomorrow!

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