2017 Reading Challenge, Book 27 – Clockwork Angel

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I am slowly trying to get back into a habit with blogging at the moment but life is being, well life, and so that’s affecting my mood when it comes to almost everything, but especially writing. So it feels a little bit like I am starting all over with this blog but I’m finding my footing with it again, and on that note I am back with a book review because I finished a book yesterday and so it was time.

Now, I have decided that I am going to read Clare’s books straight through, if only so that I can be done with them for the year. And I was skeptical to do so because the last trilogy set I read sapped all my reading energy from me, but I also didn’t want to have them looming over me for the rest of the year, so yeah I’m going straight through. Only two more to go now. The Infernal Devices, Book 1 is:

2017 Reading Challenge, Book 27, Clockwork Angel
2017 Reading Challenge, Book 27, Clockwork Angel

It will probably surprise you to read that I actually liked this book. Sure, there were things that annoyed me about it, but the last quarter or so of it was actually enjoyable and I found myself being marginally gripped by it. It even managed to pull off a successful plot twist, which was impressive because almost nothing about the other 6 books caught me by surprise. It was a good balance of setting up the total story arc whilst also including some actual action. For the most part it was good at introducing all these new characters and making them feel mostly fleshed out without it feeling like a dumping of information.

It built up almost perfectly for me and there was an interesting element of villainy to it given the time period that it’s set in and the way that people feel about technology and the role of women and all that jazz. It made for an interesting backdrop. As did the fact that it was set in London and that there were a few familiar surnames dotted about in the narrative. I liked seeing the way that they all started to interconnect with one another. I am almost excited to continue the journey in some way.

The world building was good, and as usual there were some beautiful passages scattered throughout because I cannot take away from Clare that there are moments of brilliance in her writing in amongst it all. I also quite liked the inclusion of people that had the Sight but weren’t quite Shadowhunters and how they slotted into this world. And the villain. We all know that I love me a villain and this one has the potential to be a good’un. He fascinates me. I need to know more about him.

Things that I didn’t quite like about it, it just seemed like semi lazy writing to make a direct familial connection to Jace and just have him be almost the same in terms of character. Also I expected more from Jem’s illness, I don’t know what exactly but for some reason what actually turned out to be wrong with him just didn’t seem like all that big a deal. And also why is it almost impossible for there to be female characters that actually get along and aren’t weirdly petty with one another? It happens with Charlotte and Tessa (as in they appear to get along) in some capacity but what about Jessamine? I dunno, I just felt like that friendship fell a bit flat.

Overall, I enjoyed this book in a way that I didn’t expect to and I am looking forward to moving on to Book 2, which by the time this posts I would have started this morning.

3/5 stars

Parentheses count: 1. See you tomorrow!

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