Letters to Autumn 7

Letters to Autumn 7

Dear Autumn,

I don’t really know what to say to you today.

It’s the weekend which means I have had slightly more sleep than usual. I’ve got some errands to run and some decluttering to do. I’ve also got to clean up the kitchen and the bathroom and attempt to do some washing. I’ve got to actually think about what to eat for dinner. And lunch.

I’ve got some shoes to pick up and some cardio to do. Because I do that now. Weekend cardio.

I’ve got to start thinking about packing because I’m embarking on a 4 or something hour train journey on Monday morning. I’ve mostly sorted out my book related issue. I’m deviating from the script and then also being very excessive. I also am taking my damn diary with me and a notebook to get some stuff done. Seriously, I have so much time to kill on this journey. I’m gonna use it wisely. If I don’t spend some of it sleeping…(that’s actually not an option, I have to pay attention to stops and shit).

I need to find something to fill the void that was left by the fact that I caught up on both Masterchef Australia and Insecure this week, but that’s for another day.

What isn’t though is that as I write this my eyelids are starting to feel heavy and I’ve reached that point where I should really go to bed but am too tired to move from where I am reclined on the sofa and actually do that…


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