Letters to Autumn, My Life

Letters to Autumn 18

Dear Autumn,

I am still finding a way to continue to talk about books before we have even reached the month that I have dedicated to it entirely. Which as the number of letters I have written to you gets higher means that November is creeping ever closer. I don’t quite know how that has happened.

But anyway, as I mentioned last week I ended up becoming accidentally very organised and started writing posts that have titles for next month but have not yet been written. There are currently 21 posts scheduled for the month, 6 of them are fully written. The others are all book reviews that I have yet to write.

Which sounds fine in theory. But then, I start to really think about it and remember that I finished some of these books all the way back at the beginning of the August. I have a vague idea of what went on in them, but I’ve read 10 books in that time. None of them have any comprehensive notes against them. I can’t just pull from the top of my head my opinions on them once I finished them. I had kind of forgotten about them in some ways.

Which is slightly annoying because it means that I am going to have to find the book and then go through it to refresh my memory. But I’m choosing to view it as a positive. For one it means that there is a slight chance that these reviews are going to be more cohesive and make a tad more sense because they aren’t just me upending all my thoughts immediately after finishing the book. I’ve had time to sit with these books and really think my opinions through instead. And so for that reason, I am quite looking forward to writing up these reviews.

The terrifying thing is that I am going from Book 33 through to Book 44 (currently, that is where I am at with this challenge) and then there are 3 (most likely, definitely 2) bonus book reviews. So that’s 15 book reviews that I need to write.

Whew, that’s a lot.

But I’m looking forward to it.


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