Letters to Autumn 22

Letters to Autumn 22

Dear Autumn,

It’s taken me 22 days but I’ve finally got to talk about the weather.

What the hell is going on, and why am I always surprised that you are as temperamental as you are?

I don’t ever know if I’m going to need an actual jacket or not or if just wearing a jumper/hoodie will be sufficient enough. And then there’s the whole evening thing. Will that jumper that I have decided to leave house in that has proved fine during the day work when the sun sets? The sun is setting at an earlier time with each passing day and the clocks change soon so who really knows if that will be okay. I sure as hell don’t. I’m currently just wearing both and then assessing the situation each and every time I dare to venture outside.

I have to carry one around a lot.

Same goes for my umbrella and my sunglasses. Sometimes it feels like I need them both for one outing. Sometimes I do need both.

I have removed my leopard print scarf out of hibernation because come this time of year it is always needed a couple of times a week. I schlepped it all the way up to Filey last week and needed it once. And even then I only wore it because I felt like I needed to justify it making the 5 hour journey. It’s been largely useless, but it’s out to play now and ready to be wrapped around my neck at a moment’s notice.

When is it going to level out?

It’s not that I’m complaining, it’s just I prefer knowing where I stand when it comes to layers. I get hot quickly…


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