Letters to Autumn 30

Letters to Autumn 30

Dear Autumn,

I managed to bullshit and find something yesterday which actually amounted to a full letter. I have now expended that as an option and officially do not know what to say to you today.

It’s a Monday.

It’s a work day.

It’s a rest day.

It’s hair wash day.

More specifically I gotta clarify shampoo my hair. Which means nothing really other than I deviate from my coconut shampoo and use a Bb one. It just really strips my hair and gets rid of all the product build up over the past month. Although I’ve hardly used any this month except leave in conditioner for the most part because I just lob it up into some kind of up do because the wind has been real this autumn and I can’t be bothered to style it just for the wind to ruin it.

Then I get to do my favourite thing which is deep condition. It’s my fave because I just slather that shit into my hair and then wrap it up and leave it for a couple of hours. Then I can do some other things. I do currently only have deep conditioner in my possession which is weird because at one point I had about 6 on the go. It’s a bit weird to be in that situation, but it’s for the best probably.

I’m still playing catch up with getting all of the book reviews that I need to get up written. I’ve still got about half to do so that’s pretty much my main focus. I’m still in planning mode. I’m still trying to not succumb to my urges and just eat alllll the bad food because hormones are a bitch and that seems to be all they want. I’m still putting off clearing out of my wardrobe.

Yeah, I’m still plodding along.

And I’ve only got one more letter to write to you Autumn. I’ll try and make it have some more to say to you then.


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