2017 Reading Challenge Book 45 – Grimm’s Fairytales

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I gave you far warning that this month would be very heavy on the book reviews right? Because I am very aware that it has almost been nothing but, but well I had a lot of catching up to do. I’ve done a lot of reading since August and not a lot of talking about them in specifics.

So, the next book in question is this one:

2017 Reading Challenge, Book 45, Grimm's Fairytales
2017 Reading Challenge, Book 45, Grimm’s Fairytales

I’ve pushed this book on my reading list so many times since I picked it up in September. I got like a third or something of the way through it before I couldn’t do it anymore and then moved onto my penultimate Neil Gaiman book of the year. Then I shifted to my bonus books for the year because I did not have the heart to go back to this book and finish it.

You’d think it would be a relatively easy book to get through. What I hadn’t anticipated was how long the book actually was in itself, my edition is like 400 pages or something, which I didn’t know at first. Then there is the fact that there is an awful lot of repetition in this thing. I honestly think I read the same story back to back several times with just some slight amendments. And this happened so many times.

I finished so many of them jut confused as to what the hell the moral was even supposed to be and then being mildly impressed that they managed to actually write the same story again and again and get away with it some capacity. And then I kept wondering why I was wasting my time with them in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong, some of them are great. But, like it’s the ones that everybody knows about and the ones that get fleshed out in order to become something (like a Disney film). The rest are all just kind of weird. And full of strange stuff. And there’s a lot of people looking for things and being deceived and deceptive and people turning into animals and trying to get turned back. It’s all just very strange and it does nothing for teaching anyone anything I feel.

The ones that I liked were well written. I liked that they were short and sweet but still relatively compact with morals and all that jazz. There just didn’t need to be so many of them. At all.

Apparently some editions of this book can be over 700 pages and that’s just too many pages for a book that is effectively the same story but recycled in many ways.

I would recommend all the ones that you already know from this. Then you can kind of read a couple of other ones and get the jist for the rest of them. I’m being serious. Don’t do the whole thing to yourself. It’s kind of not worth the time and there’s a reason it took me like 2/3 months to get from the first story to the last one.

2/5 stars

Parentheses count: 0. See you tomorrow!


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5 thoughts on “2017 Reading Challenge Book 45 – Grimm’s Fairytales

  1. I have a whole book of Hans Christian Anderson Fairy tales all the way from Denmark (it’s in English though) It’s super awesome! What is your favorite fairy tale?

    1. My favourite is The Little Mermaid I think and I don’t have a lot of Christian Anderson, but his fairytales are definitely something that I want to read in the future. What’s your favourite? Thanks for reading!

      1. I’m not sure…i would have to say cinderella…you know, with cutting off the toes/heels and all.

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