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2018 Goals – Final Recap

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And so we come to the final mention of this set of goals (for the most part). Looking back at them, some have been total fails and others are at this point and others are at this point a form of habit.

Let’s have a final recap:

1) Learn how to fuck with eyeshadow

I came to a realisation last month when I found myself doing my make up a bit more than usual that I can do my face in 20 minutes. I like that fact. Also I can’t line my right eye properly. All that to say that I’ve kind of made my peace with the fact that I just want eyeshadow in my life, lipstick is much more my thing. If I want an eye look I’ll pay someone to do my make up. Why it took me until the final month of the year to clock that I’ll never know.

2) Learn how to do a full pull up

Full disclosure, haven’t tested this yet which means I still can’t quite call this yet. I’m saying yes, I could manage one. Need to test that though…this month.

3) Read 70 books

I did this with over a week left of the year. I tried to go for 71 but that Donna Tartt book was dense (still is) and so it was 70 dead.

4) Lift heavier

Okay, here’s a perk of gaining weight. You can lift heavier. I tapped out 2018 at 20kg squat weight. I also have just come to accept that I have to bite the bullet and go up in abs and biceps because otherwise I just won’t go up, so that’s a 10kg now. All other compound movements flux between two different weights (except chest, still a 10kg) which is honestly dependent on what my forearms are capable of. I started the year at beginner/intermediate weights, I ended it at advanced/advanced pro. Considering that a win.

5) Eat more fruit and veg

I started craving shit like broccoli at some point last year. I’m of that age now. I crave mango and spinach. So this also feels like a win.

6) Finish the damn book

Given that this one also appears to have made it over to this year I think we can guess where this one ended up.

7) Write for half an hour a day

Again, nope. Not a habit yet. One that will come though.

8) Get my Peak score to 800

I’ve picked this up again. I’m still going for 900, I think it’s gonna be a slow process I can tell.

9) Meditate more

This didn’t go the way I hoped it would last year all in all. It’s a transfer.

10) Save, save, save

I’ve been doing it. I am doing it. It’s an ongoing thing. I think having savings in 3 different places is maybe a tad excessive, but whatever. Needs must.

That’s it. That’s those goals done. Not quite done with 2018 chat yet because there are about 100 million 2018 book reviews left to write. But these particular set of foals, done talking about them now. Actually maybe not all of them…that damn writing a book thing.

Parentheses count: 2. See you tomorrow!

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