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2018 Reading Challenge, Book 23 – King’s Cage

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This is how reading a series works, you just hit one after another. This was also the book where I hit a bit of a lull. This book was slow. And it was slow in a way that I wasn’t expecting. It made sense that it was slow because the setting had changed, but yeah. It was a total shift in pace and as such it just threw me into a borderline slump. Also it’s big. So when something is moving kind of slowly, and it’s kind of massive it kind of feels overwhelming.

But it got there in the end.

It took like 250 pages which is about half the book which was a bit annoying, but it did get there. And then it kind of died off again until the last 100 pages or so before it kicked in again.

I also kind of accidentally read the blurb to War Storm and so I had inkling of a betrayal from Cal was coming and I had kind of bigged it up massively in my head and it turned out to not be that bad…I mean from Cal’s perspective it made perfect sense but I can see why Mare would be pissed about. And why it would be considered a betrayal. I didn’t 100% see it is as one and so was glad that it was a lot tamer than I what I preparing myself for.

The things I liked about this book.

New perspectives.

Obviously, Mare was stuck with Maven for a lot of the book away from the Scarlet Guard and it was nice to get those bursts of knowledge as to what is going on in their lives and how they were dealing with the issue at hand. I also liked that it came from Cameron because she was always kind of an outsider to this whole thing, she didn’t want to be there. And then seeing her progression from her own perspective and then from Mare’s was a really interesting aspect of this book.

Also, I loved, loved, loved seeing things from Evangeline’s perspective. It is so easy to hate her and just write her off as a villain or whatever but to see the situation and the circumstances within which she was raised added so much depth to her as a character that it turns out I actually kind of really wanted in my life. I also found her part in the rescue of Mare interesting just because of the tension that has always been there between them and will continue to be there in the final instalment of this series. That final chapter from her POV was just killer.

Like I said, this book was slow. But it was building to something, there was no denying that. All that time in the first half of the book in Mare’s head while she basically did nothing but watch Maven from the sidelines and have her mind fucked with. While it felt like a total slog to read at the time revealed a whole bunch of cards that I am so hyped to see get played out in War Storm. Maven continues to prove himself to be a super complicated antagonist which I am loving more and more. Especially because he was so present for so much of the book and then when Mare left he just basically disappeared.

The not knowing about what the hell he is planning and the fact that he effectively went ghost is actually kind of low key super stressful.

The final line of this book confirmed what I kind of already knew, this last book is gonna hurt.

I can’t wait.

3/5 stars

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