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2018 Reading Challenge, Book 7, Shockaholic

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So I finished another book. It was barely a 160 pages and it was Carrie Fisher. This is the second autobiography of hers that I have devoured in a couple of hours and it still hurt like the first one did. But I knew this one was going to hurt just a little bit more because it opened with this:

2018 Reading Challenge, Book 7, Shockaholic
2018 Reading Challenge, Book 7, Shockaholic

In fact this one hurt even more because there is a whole chapter that is about death. In fact the whole second half of it has a lot of talk about death and it just made me feel some kind of way. Especially because she remains so self aware of how she is perceived and how she will always just be Princess Leia in that gold bikini looking slightly uncomfortable in front of a giant slug.

The thing that I was reminded about instantly when I opened this book and read the first page was just how damn funny she was. I laughed so much throughout this whole book and it wasn’t even that long. But she just has such a great way with words that I am so envious of. She’s witty and knows how to tell a tale even while she tells you that she has lost parts of her memory. She insightful and concise (like I said, this book is 162 but it packs a lot of punches) and I love her so much that as I sped through the pages I kept wishing that I wasn’t such a fast reader so that it could last a bit longer.

The final chapter dealt primarily with her relationship with her father and it felt like a full circle moment in some way because at the beginning of the book she was talking about her relationship with her daughter and how her addictions affected that and it all just took on a different meaning, as most things that relate to Fisher seem to do know (I did almost cry my way through The Last Jedi not gonna lie, for a couple of reasons, but mostly for her). The way that she talked about it and how it changed from being pretty much non-existent to her almost becoming his mother at a time where she wasn’t necessarily being a mother. It all felt a little tragic and that final line was just a little gut wrenching.

The whole Ted Kennedy story got me. I laughed pretty much the entire time and I could just hear her saying it the image was so evocative.

If you love Carrie Fisher then I would for sure recommend this book. And even if you’re not I would recommend it as well because it’s hilarious.

4/5 stars

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