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2018 Reading Challenge – The Princess Diarist

Hi, Hey, Hello!

I put off reading this particular book for a hot minute because I knew on some level it was gonna hurt to read. Then I realised the blurb was past tense and I was like ‘shit’, there was never going to be a good time so I might as well get it over with.

And I did. In Malta.

What was weird about this book was it somehow felt like a goodbye. That’s probably because it turned out to be that way, but moving through it that was the vibe that came with the whole thing. I have no doubt that Fisher could have regaled us with many a Star Wars era tale but there was something mildly amusing about the fact that the last one she came out with was the fact that she had an affair with prime time Harrison Ford.

It felt very fitting.

As with her other autobiographies this book is amusing. You can’t really fault the way that Fisher weaves a tale. It’s kind of a given with her to be honest. She knows how to write and her writing style feels like a conversation.

This book also contains some of her diaries from the time of shooting Star Wars and the thing that struck me about that is that the passages from them were so poetic. They were also hella melodramatic which to be honest wasn’t that surprising given her track record.

I also just quite liked getting that insight into that time. It’s such a phenomenon and she was one of the three in the eye of the storm and having that record of that time was just fascinating to have. I would have liked more of it, if only because they were alluded to a fair amount of the book and then they went by in a flash.

I also liked the picture. I always like the pictures. I’m fascinated by them and the snapshot they offer from a moment in time.

Look, I’m a Carrie Fisher fan, this wasn’t my favourite of her autobiographies because that will always be Wishful Drinking. What it was was a good goodbye. It was well written and funny in the way that her work always is. And I’m still not over how she told the world about Harrison Ford and then left.

I would for sure recommend, but after Wishful Drinking.

3/5 stars

Parentheses count: 0. See you tomorrow!

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