2017 Reading Challenge, Book 48 – Florence Grace

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These past two books have been ones that I have previously tried to read and just couldn’t get into. I did this one after Dragon Tattoo because I was just not fully prepared for it. It seemed to be a genre that I’m not really a fan of. And it was that to a degree. But once I got into it it just became a pretty easy read:

2017 Reading Challenge, Book 48, Florence Grace
2017 Reading Challenge, Book 48, Florence Grace

I can’t say that I enjoyed it per se, I mean it was passable and at no point did I think about putting it down and abandoning it completely.

My main issue with it is that it was a very large circle and was kind of pointless…there was a whole section of the story arc that felt like it could have been cut and we still would have ended up with the same result. She ends up back in Cornwall and stumbles into love. She effectively ended back up where she started but was older and had had a taste of the richer life. Nothing about it was surprising, nothing about it felt out of the ordinary. It just made sense, but it took so long to get there. So long.

Things I did like about it, the way that it built the worlds of both Cornwall and London, it definitely evoked the feel of that era I felt. I liked the way that as a reader you could feel Florence’s displacement from one world to another and felt as she finally managed to find some semblance of balance in this new world that she has ended up in. I liked the relationships that were built between Florence and Rebecca, that felt like a really solid friendship and also what she had with Sanderson. I liked that Turlington remained unredeemed, that felt like something that was true to life. Some people just don’t change their ways and I’m glad that there was no huge ‘love saved him’ thing about it.

Things I didn’t like, the whole Hawker thing. That kind of seemed unnecessary I feel. But also, it was pretty much the only thing of worth that happened in the whole book. This book is 400 or so pages. It was a twist of sorts, it just didn’t really feel like I needed it. Or wanted it. I don’t know, it felt weird. The treatment of Calantha, my goodness. On the one hand, given the context it made perfect sense, but then on the other it was incredibly annoying and then it was almost just swept under the rug for the most part until the end where she randomly showed up again and appeared to have ‘made’ it. The whole thing just didn’t sit right with me I guess. I also kind of hated the Florence/Turlington relationship…which isn’t great when it is pretty much the crux of the whole story. I dunno, it was always doomed and it seemed to drag on for too long.

Like I said, the book was passable. You can get from point a to point b without much issue. It isn’t as fantasy based as I thought initially, but it is still obviously a historical fiction which wasn’t bad or anything, but it’s not my genre of choice and nor would I reach for it again any time soon.

I can’t say that I would recommend it to people because there are a long list of books that I would put ahead of it, but it’s probably a good beach read. It just wasn’t for me…

3/5 stars

Parentheses count: 0. See you tomorrow!


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