Bonus Book Review – Caraval

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And here we have the final book review of the books that I read in 2017. Now, you may notice that there are 2 books missing, Alexander Hamilton and  Don Juan. That’s because I just couldn’t read them in time. In terms of pages there were both totally doable to do in the 10 days that I had, but what I hadn’t accounted for rather foolishly was how dense they were. Which made it almost impossible to read them in time. They are both still books that I am making my way through because I did start them and made it some of the way through, but they weren’t going to be read in 2017. Which means that the total number of books that I read last year was 53, which was ahead of my target and kind of blows my mind because previous years have barely broke 40 and this one surpassed it.

The last book that I read of the year was this one:

Bonus Book Review, Caraval
Bonus Book Review, Caraval

First of all the pages are gilded. Red gilded. We all know how I feel about a gilded page. The book is just very aesthetically pleasing. And so it the contents.

This book was captivating.

I blitzed through it in about 4 hours total in the end and the last two days I was reading it I was so stressed out trying to figure everything out. And it kept on surprising me. Seriously, it was one of those books that always kept me guessing. I both loved and hated that.

Mostly hated.

Not for any bad reasons, but seriously at one point I was so stressed out by all the possibilities that the story could have gone down. It didn’t work out the way that I thought it would. Not at all. In fact the whole narrative didn’t really end where I thought it would.

It was all very stressful.

It was also the perfect ending for my fiction reading of 2017.

This book gave me serious The Night Circus vibes and not just because it was set in that kind of magical realm where things weren’t quite as they seemed and all that jazz. It just evoked the same kind of feeling that I felt when I was reading that book. I loved the character building and the set up of the world and how they all wove in with each other.

It was just delightful.

Okay, let’s get into the characters a bit.

Scarlett was an interesting character to follow the arc of. The way the reader watched her evolve and went on the rollercoaster that was her storyline meant that it was kind of hard not to like her a little bit. Or a lot. And then in total contrast to her was Donatella who as the story progressed you realised maybe wasn’t all that different to her. The whole dynamic between the two sisters was one of my favourite aspects of the whole book and I am really interested to see where that ends up going in the next book.

Julian was fascinating. I liked that even by the end of the book you never really know where you stand with him. The same, obviously, applies to Legend as well. The whole last 50 pages of this book really confused me pretty much for that reason. In fact it was the main cause for my stress. I don’t really know what to think of Scarlett and Donatella’s father, I never really felt his motives for treating his daughters the way he did ever reached a state of clarity, in fact a lot of their back story remains kind of murky and I hope that’s just because otherwise the book might get all info dump-y and these things are going to slowly make themselves clearer in time. If not then that aspect will be a little disappointing as it was kind of the only down side. This also kind of applies to the Count, he felt a bit like a wasted character and his appearance mad little to no sense. Although having said that both of their presence did help with the development of Scarlett, which is ultimately the most important part.

I am super interested as how the next book is going to play out, because the way Donatella talked about the way it worked as the book wrapped up was hella intriguing and even though this book felt like it concluded in some way, and it alleviated a lot of the stress that the previous pages had caused me, it did also open up a whole new realm of possibilities that I am excited to see play out.

I would definitely recommend giving this book a read, it’s crept onto my list of books that I will pretty much always tell people to read and that is a pretty hard list to get on for me. So yeah, do it. Read it.

4/5 stars

Parentheses count: 0. See you tomorrow!


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