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I noticed something kind of odd the other night while I was shovelling chips into my mouth and looking forward to sitting down properly so that I can demolish the burger that was in my bag standing around the geography section of Waterstones Piccadilly.

I was feeling very creatively inspired.

Not even to write anything in particular, but in a general sense. I just wanted to walk a little further down, take a seat in that cafe (which I love) and start writing. I mean it was a work day and a Friday night so I had nothing on me but my phone that I could write on/with and so the urge was kind of pointless but it was there anyway. I think it’s what inspired me to write Saturday’s post in about 15 minutes because the words just flowed quite easily.

This isn’t the first time this has happened either. I found myself in there a couple of weekends ago and wrote two posts in a hour that I had been struggling with for days at that point. And I was feeling so creatively pumped that I was convinced that I was gonna go home and continue with that and surprise I did not because it just wasn’t the same.

And it was only when it happened again on Friday night that I realised that a part of me was putting off writing and stuff because I was waiting for the moment that I would feel inspired to do so. Let’s be real, that gets you nowhere.

I haven’t really been inspired to write for weeks now, maybe even months. It comes in burst sure, but I am so easily distracted that when I move away to do a bit more research to get to the bottom of this idea and have it be somewhat realistic I end up in some kind of Wikipedia hole that becomes a YouTube hole and then the inspiration is gone and the thing is usually mid sentence and I have no idea where I was going.

But I’m not really going to get anywhere with it if I am waiting for those small burst of inspiration that hardly ever come. Or when they do it’s at really inconvenient times like when I’m working out, or in the shower or walking to the station and don’t really have the time to slow my walk down which is what always happens whenever I start using my phone. And I can’t rely on one specific Waterstones to always be on my side, because it just the one. I’ve been in others and only felt inspired to buy alllll the books.

I’m writing this post in bed surrounded by two massive piles of books on either side of me because I’m running out of storage for them and so they are the only place I can put them now, but my point is I am surrounded by literature. And I guarantee that none of the books staring me in the face every time I wake up were written only when the author felt inspired to do so. No, they were written because words were put on a page and then those words were edited and edited and edited until they formed the book that is now on my desk and my bedside table.

All this to say that I really need to stop just waiting for inspiration to strike me to write the thing, because that hardly comes and the idea is in my head. And so, I just really need to start writing the thing, hating the thing and then editing the thing. And then maybe, just maybe I can finish the thing…

Parentheses count: 1. See you tomorrow!

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