Number 13

Hi, Hey, Hello!

There is a part of me that thinks if I speak things into the universe then I more likely to hold myself accountable for them. I don’t necessarily always do it, but that’s mainly because I then don’t try and follow them up again with myself because if I don’t follow up then I can just pretend that it doesn’t happen.

But this month I have a plan.

It’s related to one of my goals for the year. It’s number 13.

It’s also the one that I failed the most last year. And the one that I want to really get to grips with this year. But I’m serious about it this year.

I’ve already started making a start with trying to get things a little bit more under control. Not that they were crazy out of control or anything, because I still live at home and don’t have to pay rent/bills yet (but I would like to be able to be in the position to do that soon-ish) but I’ve kind of not been truly paying attention to where the hell my money is going. It’s like I have it and then it’s gone. But I’m challenging that now.

I’ve made a list of all the payments that come out of my bank account on a monthly basis and an estimate date as to when they leave their little house. What doing that taught me was that more things leave my bank account automatically then I thought. It also made me truly accept that I need to cancel my magazine subscriptions because the pile of ones that I’ve not read yet is excessive (some of them date to July 2017…). It also taught me that by some stroke of luck most of them go out around pay day which I think is a good thing. Currently it feels right.

Christmas also helped me tip the balance back in my favour for my monthly travel card which remains my biggest expense each month and now falls three days after pay day. Win!

Anyway, back to my point, which I think I have lost slightly over the way, this month I am cutting down my spending to needs must only. Things like food, toiletries, all the expenses that automatically leave (which I do now know and have ended if necessary) are pretty much the only thing that I will be spending money. But I am allowing for the odd occasion that I might get a life.

I will be real, there was a part of me that had little to no faith in myself, but then I was on one of my fave sites of all time, Fabletics, because the February collection dropped and was wondering whether anything was drawing me in and there were a couple of things. Then I remembered that you get reward points whenever you buy something and if you get enough you can convert them into credit against your account. And I was 200 odd shy of that.

Then I discovered that you can also get points if you review things. There are a lot of things sitting on my account waiting to be reviewed. And well, to cut a long story short, I spent a lot of yesterday reviewing this and now I can choose a pair of leggings of my choosing and get them pretty much for free which will satisfy that itch in me that wants a new pair…

I also have a shit ton of Boots Advantage points that I can redeem against stuff (when I figure out the very complicated system that allows you to actually buy things with your Advantage card…) so I can pick up some of the stuff that I know I need that way.

We’re on day 3 of this though and so while this feels like a promising start, I’ve also been in this position before where it’s been great for a few days but then goes to shit real quick. But I want to really be in a position where come the end of the month I can make an accurate assessment as to how much I can actually afford to out into my savings account and not just put some money in there and then move it back out a couple of weeks later. I also want to be able to close my overdraft completely and know that I don’t need it as a safety net anymore.

So, I’m speaking it into the universe. As well as trying to cut back down on sugar (which I’m not doing to hot on right now, but again day 3) and starting to meditate more I am also going to curb and really reassess my spending (and only be a little bit better that my monthly travel card has gone up by nearly a tenner…)

Parentheses count: 5. See you tomorrow!

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