2018 Reading Challenge, Book 15 – the princess saves herself in this one

Hi, Hey, Hello!

Seriously, I’ve been gone a few weeks how was I not going to come back with nothing but a slight barrage of reviews?

Especially when I was just flying through them at one point because I picked books that I really wanted to read and felt like I needed in my life asap. It included a heck ton of non-fiction (there are a few more to follow), some poetry and some short stories (although by this point, you already know that because they’ve been on here for the most part in the order that I read them).

So, here is my first poetry collection read for the year. It’s slated to be the first of 3, however lovelace has another one coming out later in the year so I might bump it up to four (still no sign of those plays making an increased appearance though…).

I searched high and low for this damn collection and when I found a stray copy in a Waterstones on a day when I was mooching around but really shouldn’t have been buying any books I took it as a sign and so I bought it.

I mean, the book piqued my interest mainly for the title alone. And I loved it.

There was something so raw about it.

There were some poems that really made me stop and think about things. They made me pause in their simplicity and beauty. A lot of them also felt like they rung true with me a little and when things hit a tad close to home they always make you think a little. I read so many of them two or three times and with each re-read a new layer revealed itself to me and with each one it felt like a new layer of my mind was blown.

The hype around this collection made sense. It is ultimately all about self love and picking yourself up out of the ashes of whatever shit storm burned you out. About saving yourself and not sitting around waiting for someone else to do it for you.

There is a real arc throughout it and you do finish the whole collection feeling like you’ve been rung through some kind of ringer.

I would recommend this poetry collection. It doesn’t follow typical poetry ‘rules’, but I love anything that plays with form and no poem is out of place in this. It’s really thought provoking and some of them are just really truly beautiful. And I am so excited for the next one.

4/5 stars

Parentheses count: 3. See you tomorrow!

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