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I have talked about music before and about how it is basically everything to me. In that it just makes certain situations better and it helps me clear my head.

There are however just some songs that take me back to a place where things just felt right or good or they are just attached to some happy memories, they may not necessarily have been a good time overall, but there were the odd memories here and there that bled through and were mostly attached to music.

Here’s a list of a fewtw of them:

What Makes You Beautiful – Say what you want about One Direction, this song was for the sure the anthem of my summer 2011. It followed me around in pretty much every club I went to during Fresher’s Week and pretty much the whole first semester of uni. It sent everybody crazy. When I saw Harry Styles in April this song was also a moment. There’s something really quite satisfying about shouting this at the top of your lungs

Moves Like Jagger – Again one of those songs that followed me around that first semester of uni. The time before it all kind of went to shit and I was just happy to be there and to have flown the nest and experience new things.

Satisfied – I had an existential to the whole Cast Recording and then a couple of days after I had mine R text me to say that she was having one too, specifically to this song. It’s been like 2 and a half years now and we still do that. We’ve seen it twice and both times when the rewind started we were both like ugh.

For Good – This song reminds me of Paris. R and I were sat on a bridge wall opposite a fountain that wasn’t working that we had walked to and then just needed to take a break because it was hot af and we were starting to feel a little tired and then for some reason we started singing this song. She’s the Glinda to my Elphaba, we both love Wicked  very much.

Kiwi – This song live goes off, which I kind of knew it would because there is no way that it couldn’t. But anyway, R and I got super pumped when it the lights turned to green and the Styles show ended with this. This song is basically everything and I love it very much. (Side note, Medicine  is a fucking tune and I’m low key sad it never made the album, but I’m glad he’s doing it live.)

And those are just a few songs that hold a lot of meaning for me and will always make me feel a little bit better. Even the ones that are kind of emotional.

Parentheses count: 1. See you tomorrow!

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