Funny Memory

Hi, Hey, Hello!

For some reason when I saw this little prompt as it were I immediately for very defensive of every memory that I hold dear to me. For no real reason.

Maybe it’s because they are mine and they are the ones that I go to when things are feeling particularly shitty and I think on some level that sharing them would make them less funny to me.

Also a lot of my funny memories make no fucking sense without context.

For example, last year when we were at Gatwick waiting for a gate for our flight to Kos and were just chilling in duty free when there was an announcement for someone named Greg. And then another one about a minute later. And then another one. And another one. And then they stopped. But at some point during this time we started laughing and said #freegreg. It makes no sense to anyone else.

See also the fact that sometimes we laugh hysterically about whales because of one too many conversations had in the early hours of the morning where we’re both a little bit delirious. And also dolphins. And turtles. There’s a lot of ocean based creatures that we find hilarious these days.

I honestly go on and on.

There are a lot.

And not just with R.

There’s some random shit with my brother. There’s stuff with people at work (Miss Vanjie exists even there, I am one of two people who understand it). There’s stuff with my parents.

There’s loads of it.

And they’re hilarious to me. But seriously for a lot of them you have to be there in order to find them even remotely funny. And that’s not funny to other people. Which is why this one stumped me.

I, fortunately, have a great pool of memories that I can pull from that can get me out of a little bit of a funk if I need to.

And I am fine with no one but one other person in this world knowing why the sea is so damn salty…

Parentheses count: 1. See you tomorrow!

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