2018 Reading Challenge, Book 22 – Glass Sword

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I think at this point it is pretty obvious that I am reading this whole series straight through. This series occupied my May in terms of reading. It also means that I am one step closer to finish another series this year, which feels like an achievement.

The next book in question is:

2018 Reading Challenge, Book 22, Glass Sword
2018 Reading Challenge, Book 22, Glass Sword

I’m just gonna come straight out and say it. How fucking dare Aveyard kill Shade. And so quick. I had to read the same paragraph about 10 times before I could truly process what was going down before me. It was my morning commute, I then spent the rest of day in semi denial that it had happened and the pain I felt when I went back later that day was real.

Then also, while we are on people who I did not expect to die. Elara. As I mentioned yesterday, I was hyped to see what part Elara was going to play in this. I did not expect that part to be her being dead. And she went so quick. And again, I had to read through the pages several times to check that I hadn’t missed anything. But no, one moment she as alive and the next she was a corpse. I was kind of disappointed about it to be honest, but also, it does make for an interesting plot point. The Shade one I am going to need some more convincing about.

Anyway, onto other things not that I have got that out of the way.

The character development. I loved it.

Don’t get me wrong, Mare is still kind of the MOST annoying character because she is so selfish and yet somehow still so unaware of it and sometimes just sitting with her is a headache because you just want her to stop being so stupid. But she also came into her own in a lot of ways throughout this book.

Her having a purpose meant that she actually had something to work towards and in doing so a lot of her character was revealed. Which I liked. It showed growth. That’s always good. This in turn also affected the other relationships that she had with characters in this book, it meant that everything in that way moved forward.

I found her interactions with Kilorn particularly fascinating because it’s the only consistent one that she carried over from her previous life. The way it interplays with her new Scarlet Guard life and the intentions that she always had regarding his life. I also kind of liked the tension between Kilorn and Cal.

Cal and Mare’s relationship development was also something that I quite enjoyed reading unfold. It kind of didn’t move anywhere but also went so far. It’s like a weirdly slow burn (I think the pun is intended there) because nothing seems to be safe in this world. Because Cal is still fundamentally Silver and Mare is still fundamentally Red and Cal was made to be King and so I even I don’t trust him.

Which is kind of stressful to be honest. When you don’t trust one of the main characters and he’s the love interest. I mean at least with Maven at this point as a reader you kind of know he’s a dick and you’re just finding new layers to that. Which by the way are revealing new depths with each page he’s on. I would be impressed, but honestly I kind of saw it coming. Once the twist happens and you know he’s evil the world is his playground and that is exciting.

Finding the newbloods, while at times felt kind of arduous, was overall interesting and added a great element to the plot. I found myself very interested when they found a new one to see what they do and how they could potentially be of use. And also their attitude to the whole situation (I’m looking at you Cameron). How they are going to come into play in the last 2 books is an aspect of the series that I am really looking forward to see that unfold further.

Overall, this was a great second book. It had it’s lulls but it was great for character development and it introduced some really interesting plot points for future books. I mean it was also a kicker punch to the gut and I a many never be okay about Shade. And also that ending was a real slap. That final line. I loved it.

4/5 stars

Parentheses count: 2. See you tomorrow!

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