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This is a very tenuous link, but I needed to make it fit the damn letter and so here we are.

Last year at some point I got bored of living in the back room of my house and so finally returned to what was my old room before I went to uni, 3 years after I got back from uni and a year after my brother vacated the room and moved out.

When I did that I was forced to pack all my clothes up out of the broken wardrobe in my old room and then move them all into the other one. All of my clothes are still in those massive laundry bags that I packed them up in, and there is one in there that is just full of clothes that I need to sell/donate/just get rid of. I currently can’t really see it at the moment, which is useful, but I only can’t see it because I have piled all my winter jumpers on top of it.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Anyway, my point is I at some point am going to have to deal with the whole old clothes situation. And there’s another problem. I have a lot of activewear that is no longer useful to me because they are a style that I no longer mess with. If it ain’t high waisted and maximum compression then I don’t wanna know. That’s a 2018 thing, which means that there are a lot of leggings that I will not touch. There are also probably some bras in their that I won’t go near anymore. And then definitely some tees/vests.

Basically that whole drawer needs an overhaul. And honestly the only aspect of my clothes life that has a space dedicated to it is my activewear…

But then, if I gotta have a clear out of that, I might as well then have a second look at the rest of my clothes and assess them because to be honest there is a lot of stuff at the bottom of some of those bags that I have not seen in nearly a year and so clearly have not missed.

All this to say that at some point this month I am going to have a massive wardrobe clear out. It might help deal with some of the clutter in my room and actually give me a fairly decent idea as to how much storage space for my clothes I am actually going to need so that I can properly deal with that.

A spring clean is coming. In what is technically summer now…

Parentheses count: 0. See you tomorrow!

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