Hi, Hey, Hello!

So posting on here has been kind of sporadic because…well…there isn’t really a specific reason.

I’m just kind of tired again at the moment and my energy levels are kind of just waning meaning that the pull of Netflix kind of feels a bit too much and the battle that I have with myself tends to mean that Netflix wins.

I’ve hit a wall.

I hit them every now and then and I kind of saw this one coming. I knew it was coming some time last month when I realised that I was basically just relying on book reviews and was getting low key annoyed at myself for not being able to read quicker.

I mean I kind of hoped that I was going to avoid it though because I had a plan for this month, which is more than I usually do when it comes to me hitting a wall. I thought it meant that I was safe.

I was kind of wrong.

It turns out that even though I had the plan, I also didn’t really have the plan.

As this post probably evidences.

I had pockets of posts planned. They were the ones that I based this whole month on. And so I’ve had to kind of build the month around them. And it was maybe not the smartest of ideas.

I mean it’s fine, I have kind of found my groove again, mainly because I have hit the pocket of posts that I based this plan over. So I’m feeling less like I’m tail spinning and that I am finally swinging the balance back into my favour.

Nothing is really going to change in regards to the fact that I am tired because well I’m just always tired. I mean I’m sleeping like 6 hours a night minimal which is better than I have in the past, but yeah. Just tired. I think it’s something to do with the fact that the humidity right now is intense and there is just something about summer that makes you feel lethargic or some shit.

So yeah, here’s a filler post for the day and tomorrow it will be better. I have an idea and everything.

Parentheses count: 0. See you tomorrow!


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