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Now as I have mentioned many times before one my goals for this year is to get into a proper habit when it comes to meditation.  And therefore I decided to make an active decision and just dedicate 10 minutes of every day to meditating. That’s all Headspace asks of you. And also in May my subscription to Headspace was due for renewal and I didn’t elect to cancel it meaning that I had to make that 50 odd quid I spent on it worth it.

And so I made it my mission for May to meditate every day.

And I did it.

I have also only meditated once in the month of June so far, so the balance isn’t quite there yet.

And here is the thing that doing it everyday for a month taught me.

I should really do it more regularly.

I did it before I went to bed as a way to unwind from the day and try to get myself into the habit of sleeping. And to do that I did the ‘Sleep’ pack because that felt like it might work a little bit in the unwinding process. To be honest the main reason that I did it at night is because I just do not currently have it in me to change my morning routine in order to start my day with it. Also it forces me to take 10 minutes out at the end of the day to focus on myself and in doing so I switch off and then from then I find that sleep just kind of fell over me and I started to sleep really well.

There were elements of this pack that I loved. Then the last 10 days involved the introduction of visualisation, and well I noticed my focus wavered a lot more in those last 10 days. I used to get so caught up in my thoughts during those 10 days sometimes that I actually forgot that I was supposed to be focusing on something until the guidance came back through into my headphones. So that is currently something that I am now aware that I need to work on, whilst also not getting too in my head about it because then I run into a host of issues. It’s a fine line.

I think also because I wasn’t necessarily a huge fan of the visualisation element of this that doing it kind of didn’t feel like I was forming a habit but more that it was becoming a chore and that is never a good thing, which I think is why I haven’t really done it since this month started.

It’s now been 16 days though (I did it on the 1st) and so I have actually noticed the difference between last month and this month just in my overall headspace and only one thing has really changed.

The lack of mediation.

This goal is finally starting to feel like it might actually become a habit by the end of the year, which is exactly what I wanted doing it every day for 31 days to do. I knew that if I didn’t make a conscious effort to do it every day for a period of time then I was just never going to get it done and so I have and I have felt the difference in the way that I feel when I do it regularly and when I don’t. It kind of feels like exercise and my attitude towards that to be honest, and we all know where the exercise one has ended up now. (My legs are so dead as I write this, I thought they were fine but then they felt heavy during my workout and even thought that flushed some stuff out and I got re-stretch them in the cool down I could feel the tightness as I moisturised them. I kind of hate it, kind of love it. Kinda curious to know how the workout that I will be doing when this goes up will feel because it was weights that did me this dirty and it’s weights that I’m doing today…will be interesting.)

Anyway, that’s where I’m at with this one.

I meditated every day for the month of May and finally understood the hype regarding it and how it does actually pay to just take 10 minutes out of the day to focus and check in with your body and see what’s going on and to be a bit more present. It really affected my mood and my quality of sleep, and I need to find out whether that was the case because I was doing a pack that was geared towards sleep or because just taking that time before I tried to go to sleep was the thing working small wonders.

I will find out and report back shortly.

Parentheses count: 2. See you tomorrow!Main sign off

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