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This post is probably not gonna go in the direction that you think it will mainly because this whole topic is a clusterfuck and I am not about to try and unpick that tangled mess that it is in its entitreity. Or really at all. This is just a thing that is very personal to me and it relates to that lovely little category at the top of this post.


So let me set the scene.

All the way back in November 2016 I was looking for something that was going to be a bit more hardcore then just stretching (I was such a yoga and pilates girl once I phased spinning out of my life) and I decided to do something that was literally called Body by Frame.

I showed up to the class and when it started I discovered that the instructor kinda looked like me.

I had been kind of low key working out for about 8 months at that point and honestly I hardly ever saw anyone who wasn’t white anywhere. But whatever you kind of just get used that anyway, so to be honest as usual I didn’t really think all that much of it.

So it was confusing to me that I was surprised by this development as it always is when I’m confronted by someone who looks like me in a place where I’m just to being the exception and not the rule.

Anyway her class that night kicked my ass and also finally gave me the shake up that I needed. It was pure cardio. It made me move my body in a way that up until that point it hadn’t really done before. It created my love/hate relationship with squats. It planted the seed that is now this monster of a flower (but I love it).

The way her classes challenged me changed the game for me and I finally got the hype around exercise and how it can make you feel really good. I basically just really loved her and found myself drawn to classes which I saw she was teaching. It meant that I tried new things just because I knew that she would deliver a great class.

It may seem like a small thing, but it turns out that it was the thing that I needed because here I am. It became an accidental motivation for me to keep at it

It’s not that I needed to see someone who looked like me in order to keep exercising because at this point I’m used to there not being, but it turned out to be the thing that pushed me out of my comfort zone. And that in turn allowed me to push myself out of my comfort zone in other areas and it means that for the most part when it comes to exercise there aren’t a lot of things that I am not afraid to try at least once (unless it involves a treadmill and then I am all the way out).

It was just one of those things that some part of my brain needed to happen just so that it didn’t feel like it was a completely pointless battle for me (the use of the word battle there is maybe a tad aggressive…)

So yeah, that’s what’s to blame for all of this…

Parentheses count: 4. See you tomorrow!

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