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Of course I come out of this A-Z Challenge with a tag post almost instantyl, it’s who I am. It’s what I do. And this one is to do with one of my fave films and so it was always a given that this was going to happen. So let’s get to it.(Oh and also, I saw this here)


A Villain You Can’t Help but Love
I always seem to have a soft spot for villains. Not in a justified way but in a like, they always have better back stories to me and I just want to know more about how they got there. I saw Cursed Child last week and so I am currently all up in my Malfoy feelings, so let’s go with Draco.

A Book Everyone Loves But You Don’t

The Girl of Ink and Stars…

Belle and Adam

Your Favourite One True Pairing (OTP)

Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. No questions asked.


A Character Who is Destined for Greater Things

Mare Barrow. The place that she was left in was so open ended and she had the strength to do so much.

A Book You Bought for its Beautiful Cover That’s Just as Beautiful on the Inside Too

You know I was drawn all the way in by the Everless cover and well I’ve just finished it and damn was that book a piece of art that I am excited to read a sequel for.


A Loyal Sidekick You Can’t Help but Love More Than Their Counterpart
Ron fucking Weasley. Honestly, I love him so much. Don’t get me wrong I love Harry and Hermione, but there is just something really special about Ron. I will defend him for forever. (I did not mean to mention them twice, but here we are)

Mrs. Pots, Chip, Lumiere, and Cogsworth

A Book That Helped You Through a Difficult Time or Really Taught You Something

Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People about Race really finally meant that I stopped giving a shit about worrying about being ‘too black’ or ‘too white’. It helped me come to terms with the minor clusterfuck that is being mixed race. I’m both. I’m not ashamed of it and other people’s issues with it is not my fucking problem anymore.

Be Our Guest

A Book That Made You Hungry
Eat, Pray, Love especially when she was in Italy.

A Fictional Character You’d Love to Have Over for Dinner

There are so many. Weirdly right now, it’s Offred. That level of pent up rage and living in that world. I wanna hear shit about it.

Beauty and the Beast

Opposites Attract

Like Mare and Cal…although actually they probably aren’t total opposites. They’re just opposite enough I guess.

Something There

A Character Who is More Than They Appear
It threw me how much I gave a shit about Evangeline in the end when it came to the Red Queen series.

A Book or Series That You Weren’t Into at First but Picked Up Towards the End
It’s no secret how I feel about Cassandra Clare’s work. I just about tolerated The Mortal Instruments and as such was hella annoyed at my lack of impulse control that meant that I had to read The Infernal Devices and I turned out to not hate it as much as I thought it would. I mean I still don’t think it was great. But it wasn’t as shit as The Mortal Instruments and I was surprised that it was written by the same person.

Kill the Beast

A Book You Picked Up Because of the Hype
Honestly, I picked up Fangirl because of the hype and did not regret it for a second.

Tale as Old as Time

A Popular Theme, Trope, or Setting You Will Never Get Tired of Reading
I will honestly never get bored of reading about people who ‘shouldn’t’ be together fall in love. You know like princes and ‘common folk’, or a football player and a nerd. That kind of shit.

A Book or Moment That Always Makes You Cry

I don’t really cry at books, and as such I cannot think of a single moment in a book that has made me do that recently.

And that’s it. Done. Turns out I’m thinking about the Red Queen series a lot right now still.

Parentheses count: 2.


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