2018 Reading Challenge, Book 25 – Runaways

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This is just how these things always go. I do a little blog project and then end up with all these books that I have to review. This isn’t quite a book. It’s a comic book. Which was perfect because I was in a mini panic reading mode because War Storm took a lot out of me in terms of time spent reading (nearly 2 weeks) and so my schedule was slowly creeping away from me and I went from being ahead to behind.

I needed to make that deficit up. And so on the same day that I finished War Storm I found myself just kind of lying in my bed and then I grabbed this very comic because I knew it wouldn’t take me very long and get myself back to being a little closer to ‘on track’.

It took me less than an hour.

I have not read a single one of the Runaways comics thus far. In fact the only reason that it even came onto my radar is because of the TV show (which I am watching and am loving) and it is currently being written by Rainbow Rowell. We all know how much I love her.

However because of that this story came with a slight lack of context. It was nothing too awful and I could get the gist of everything, but yeah there was a slight barrier. A lot of talk about people dying and coming back to life and time travel. I have on idea what happened prior to this, I don’t quite know why Alex is dead or how he died (spoiler alert) but I could gather that it took place long ago enough that it’s not a very recent wound for the rest of them.

The illustrations in this are incredible. I loved them so much. They just added so much to the story. Which was in itself good. I love an arc I do (who doesn’t?) and this had a great one. It reminded me of just how much I enjoy Rowell’s storytelling and how much I had missed it in my life.

Volume 2 is due out later this year and I am excited to get to that one too.

I think it is a good introduction to the world of Runaways and while yes, it is a continuation of previous ones, it is not hard to pick up where that left off within the first few panels.

3/5 stars

Parentheses count: 4. See you tomorrow!

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