2018 Reading Challenge, Book 28 – The Belles

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And so begins the actual daily onslaught of book reviews that will be coming over the next few days. And by few days I mean 12. Currently. As I write this I have 12 on my plate, but who knows at what pace I will read books. I’ve been really tearing through these past couple of weeks, so we’ll see.

So, let’s pick up where we left off, which was with this:

2018 Reading Challenge, Book 28 - The Belles
2018 Reading Challenge, Book 28 – The Belles

First of all the cover is all kinds of gorgeous. Not gonna lie it was my main reason for being drawn to it. That and then also the title itself. The intrigue that it inspired in my from the get go was something real. I was so excited to get stuck into it.

For the most part I enjoyed it. I won’t lie, there were aspects of it that felt a little clunky and the ending of it just felt really rushed and yeah there were just parts of it that I struggled with.

One of the big parts of it that continued to be a recurring issue with me as I moved through the book was Camellia. Which is slightly problematic when she is the main character. Don’t get me wrong, I liked her and the way that she moved through the narrative but there was something incredibly frustrating about her because she was so naive. That was part of what made the tail end of this book so annoying as it were. It’s like she just completely ignored all the things that she kind of knew about the princess and just did them anyway. Also that whole scene felt unnecessarily long and graphic in a way that the rest of the book hadn’t really been.

The scene in question is also just straight up murder and while I get that it was needed I guess to show just how crazy the princess is and how unfit she is to be Queen and also a catalyst was needed to get Camellia out of there, but it just seemed to come totally out of nowhere and also could have been avoided.

Another thing that I found an smidge annoying about Camellia was her supposed relationship with August kind of felt non-existent and also it was hard to not see the ‘twist’ coming. And again it felt kind of frustrating that Camellia would be so naive as to fall for that when all she has known has been to be a Belle. I was never really that invested in the relationship as a whole because it just didn’t ever feel like it was something that was actually going to progress anywhere.

Let’s cycle back to the positives though.

Writing style. We all know how much I love a writing style, and I really enjoyed Clayton’s. It created such a vivid world that I got drawn into almost instantly and although it did feel slow at times it was mostly great. However there was a lot of comparing things to food, which was a little repetitive but easily dealt with.

I also liked the potential that this book has for future books. This book felt very much like it was setting the foundations and I am interested to see what kind of house they build because currently everything just feels a little messy and there are so many loose ends, like what the hell happens to previous Belles and what the hell is the status of the ‘sleeping’ princess and how is someone going to get away with actual murder…?

Like I said, I enjoyed this book. It was problematic in places for sure and some things didn’t feel quite handled correctly to me, and also there was a lot of frustrating elements within it as well but I liked it. I am excited as to what is to come.

3/5 stars

Parentheses count: 0. See you tomorrow!

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