Bonus Book Review – To All the Boys I Loved Before

Hi, Hey, Hello!

And welcome to a major straying from my own schedule that I honestly did not expect, but I was reading Lost Boy and could feel myself falling into a reading slump, the film of this is due out soon and I wanted to read it before I watched and the perfect storm was created and I somehow spent a few weeks reading nothing but book rom coms (none of which I owned prior to this whim) and we are starting here.

I loved this book so much.

It made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

And also I am a sucker for a fake relationship that becomes something more. Which this book had. And I loved it.

Lara Jean is maybe one of my favourite characters that I have sat with this year. To the point that the moment that I finished this book I knew that I couldn’t not read the rest of the series instantly (I have now done that). There was something so nice and innocent about her. I’ve read a lot of books this year about out and out badass women and it was nice to sit with a character who was still a bad ass just in a gentle way.

I mean it felt pretty bad ass the way that she handled the whole issue, however I will say that the fact that Kitty sent all the letters out was kind of obvious to me. But that didn’t detract from the drama of it all.

Like I mentioned, I am a sucker for a fake relationship that becomes a real one and the Peter and Lara Jean one was a doozy. I loved it so much. I loved how it became apparent very quickly that Peter was so much more than what people perceived. I liked that Peter really threw himself into the whole fake relationship and really cared about Lara Jean.

I also liked the journey that this sent Lara Jean on. It threw her out of her comfort zone and watching her having to navigate that and learning new things about herself in the wake of her letters coming out. It’s not that she was naive or anything before the letters came out, she was just a creature of habit (which I am) and this shook her out of this. Seeing her quietly come out of her shell but still remain herself at the core was maybe my favourite part of the whole book.

I loved her family relationships and how they developed and moved throughout the narrative and how distinctly different the relationship between her 2 sisters were because of what the offer her and just the differences in ages. I weirdly quite like how once Margot left the struggle to maintain that relationship became apparent. It felt like life (there will be more on that later for the other books).

We should all know how I feel about love triangles at this point, but this didn’t feel like your typical love triangle, mainly because Lara Jean never really acted like there was one. It felt like she made a choice and then stood by that choice, but sometimes other people’s choices impact you and that is very much what the Josh/Lara Jean part of this book felt like.

I got super invested in this damn couple. I got low key stressed/super excited when I had to actually go to bed just before Lara Jean made her definitive decision regarding Peter and the hot tub and I had to wait to find out how that went down. I may or may not have been incredibly happy when it went the way that it did. It gave me all the warm fuzzy feelings.

Look this book was the equivalent of a rom com. It was exactly what I needed it to be. It was cute. It was frothy. It included some bad ass characters and I loved Lara Jean. It was funny, it made me hungry sometimes…it made me happy. It was just what I needed.

If you want warm and fuzzy then I would recommend this book to you hands down. Jenny Han provides the goods (seriously, it reads so quick. I got her done in like a day and a bit without even meaning to…)

4/5 stars

Parentheses count: 5. See you Monday!Main sign off

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