Bonus Book Review – PS, I Still Love You

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I honestly just bounced from one book back into this series, out onto a different book and then finished this series of. I got hella obsessed, hella fast and I’m still hella sad that I’m done with it because I just finished a book and I didn’t have another one of these books to fall into. I had to move on. Wild.

This book pretty much picks up from where the first one left off and as such I was very much in my feelings because Lara Jean and Peter were adorable and I love them with every fibre of my being. It’s intense.

And so was the drama that hit very early on in the book and then continued throughout. I liked the way that the fall out of the ‘sex tape’ was handled and how it affected Lara Jean. It all came back on here even though both her and Peter were implicated. I also found the way that then reflected in the relationship between Peter and Lara Jean was really well handled.

I also enjoyed how complicated it all got when Genevieve got thrown into the mix. I think I liked it just because it felt like a very accurate representation of what being teenaged and having to interact with your first love even though you’re not together anymore. The fact that Peter and Genevieve found comfort in each other in some way, while annoying and stressful for my Lara Jean/Peter endgame heart, made sense and I really got the frustration that Lara Jean felt at it. Han did a great job of portraying that.

She also dealt with my least favourite thing, the love triangle, well. Because of the way that the Peter/Genevieve thing was dealt with it made sense that she sort of gravitated towards someone who was maybe a little more similar to her than Peter…and that whole thing did make sense. And for a brief moment at the party in the care home I was rooting for them. And then Peter showed up and I remembered that those feelings weren’t real and I was still invested in those two ending up together.

I loved, loved, loved the development of Lara Jean’s character. It really felt like she came into her own and I liked that she never underestimated what she was worth. She ultimately didn’t let Peter treat like she was being irrational or like shit and took control of it and I loved that. Like I mentioned in my review for the first one, she is a quieter kind of bad ass.

Kitty still remains my low key fave what with her savage responses and take no prisoners attitude, and also her incessant desire to set her dad up with her neighbour. I also loved the addition of Stormy and all her wise words of wisdom and the friendship that she formed with Lara Jean. It felt kind of maternal in a way.

I’ll tell you what else I enjoyed about this which I didn’t really notice until he made a brief appearance. Josh. He just disappeared off the face of Lara Jean’s earth. And I liked that. Because that is what happens in life once someone stops dating someone (and also makes things a little awkward with their sister). I liked that he wasn’t just shoehorned in for the sake of it.

I’ve said it many times, but I am very invested in Peter and Lara Jean and their happiness. Specifically with each other. In a way that I feel would be unrealistic for real life, but in fiction I need it to thrive. And so there was about 100 pages of this book where I was worried that they were just gonna stay apart and I wasn’t gonna get my happy ending at the end of this. When I did, my heart did a little happy dance. I’m obsessed.

This was a great second book to this trilogy and I get why it was also at one point the ending. I didn’t quite enjoy it as much as the first one but that was mainly just because I knew I was in love with these characters and so I didn’t see how that was going to change.

3/5 stars

Parentheses count: 1. See you tomorrow!

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