Bonus Book Review – Frat Girl

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Fun fact, I end up in Waterstones Piccadilly an increasing amount these days (on Saturdays only). As such I end up getting a lot more books on my radar to read than I usually would because the covers end up in my mind and I’ve physically touched them and they don’t leave my head.

This is one of those books that I actually picked up and put back down on 3 separate occasions until on the 4th one I just thought fuck it.

This book took about 50 or so pages for me to get into. I kind of worried that it would be everything that I dislike in a book and that Cassie would be a very one dimensional character in a room full of boys.

Thankfully once Cassie entered the frat house and all the pieces kind of started to come into play this book really picked up and then I devoured it. I enjoyed it.

It fell very much into a rom-com in book form and we all know how much I love them. Especially right now. More on that a bit later though.

Cassie was an interesting character. In that she existed as a contradiction that on the one hand I understood because who really has it all figured out at 18 but then also it just became a bit annoying in the context of what Cassie was trying to be. Which I guess at the bottom of it was a feminist. Yet she had all these scathing, judgy things to say about other girls who rushed for sororities, even though effectively she was kind of doing the same thing. She just didn’t ultimately seem like a girls girl and that seemed to go completely against what she was trying to achieve and be.

I liked her for the most part when I kind of just tried to remind myself that for a while it is possible to still be in that teenage mindset where you think you’re a hardcore feminist but then also instantly move to tear other women down. I did like the confidence that she had in herself.

Okay let’s circle back to the rom-com in a book form thing. I don’t think that was what this book wanted the take away to be, but it was. Because I think it should have been more of a feminist thing. But ultimately that was what it boiled down to. I even kind of ended there with the resolution being that I guess they were gonna give it a shot because he got into a fight for her…the project that she was working on seemed to become secondary once rush (or maybe it was hazing) started I think (it’s been a while since I read now so I can’t quite remember its timeline). And I’m not overly mad about it because it was what I needed in the end, but also maybe it missed the mark a bit. The ending kind of bothered me.

I don’t know, maybe because it felt like it would be quite a big thing and yet it just sort of seemed to happen on a simmer. And also, I gotta be honest, I don’t even really know how Cassie ultimately would have concluded this project of hers because it did feel a little bit like she forgot that she would actually maybe become friends with the people that she spent all that time with. The whole management of her project just felt like an after thought at times because it didn’t really know what it wanted to be. I wanted to know what the actual fallout would be from the release of this project (in its half formed state) would be. And also, did she get to keep the scholarship, the terms of it were weird and all those interviews seemed kind of pointless. That whole thread had a lot of loose ends.

Back to the positives though, I liked the variety of guys that showed up in this. And how it showed that there was no stereotypical frat guy. That scene where Cassie led a sex ed class was hilarious. And I loved Roache’s style of writing. It was so easy to read and it read really well. It was funny. It was heart warming at times. It was cute. It was adorable. It was a little messy (in terms of storyline, not writing). It was a good read.

Yeah it was a little hit and miss overall, but that did not stop me from really liking it even when I found it frustrating at times. I’m glad that I picked it up.

3/5 stars

Parentheses count: 4. See you tomorrow!

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